Volunteers Wanted For a Housing WOF Field Test

Posted on Friday, January 31 2014

Auckland Council Seeking volunteers for Warranty Of Fitness Test


Throughout February the Auckland council’s Housing Project Office (HPO) is undertaking a field test of a housing “Warrant of Fitness” method. The field test is seen as an important step in determining an appropriate minimum performance level for Auckland’s rental housing and envisages 25 properties being assessed, primarily in South and West Auckland.

The HPO is currently looking for landlords that may be interested in participating. If you know someone who has a rental property and who you believe may be interested in participating then please contact Damon Birchfield on 021 371 489 or damon.birchfield@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz and we will follow up with them. Participants will receive a free home assessment from the council’s resident housing expert and Eco Design Advisor, Eion Scott. In some instances landlords may also qualify for assistance in insulating their rental home.

Similar field tests are also being run concurrently in Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Tauranga and the results will be monitored and analysed by the NZ Green Building Council and the University of Otago with results from the field test being made public in April.


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