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A property manager takes the headache out of managing the day to day tenants and maintenance to allow the owner concentrate on investing and creating their passive income.

  • Market trends
  • What will increase those rents
  • Rental Appraisals
  • Residential Tenancies Act information
  • What to expect from your property manager
  • How to deal with tenant issues

Find out what weekly rent is being charged in your target area by visiting the Department of Building and Housing website


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Dunedin Property Management – Mana Property Management The Best Solution.

Visit and learn about their amazing new video walk through technology. It allows prospective tenants to take a virtual walkthrough of any of mana’s listings .In some cases people have been able to eliminate the necessity of even visiting the property before choosing to rent it. Mana’s new technology offers the very best in Dunedin Property Management solutions for landloards and tenants alike. Mana Property Management from Dunedin Otago explaining about their latest Video Tours services which they provide to their Landlords customers. ” i-Phone video rig” Or The Rig” as they call it is used for Rental Property inspections and for Showcasing an available property for rent.



10 Ways to Add Value To Your Rental Property – Part 1

Part One of Talk to The Expert: Hadar Orkibi Interviews Kyle Elmer from Mana Property Management Dunedin. Mana Property Management are regular contributors to the Property Investors Network.


10 Ways to Add Value To Your Rental Property – Part 2