Dunedin Property Management Companies Friend or Foe

Posted on Sunday, August 14 2011

Property Management Dunedin Companies – Friend or Foe?

As with any profession there are good and not so good Dunedin property management companies so it is essential to check them out thoroughly if you are to entrust your investment houses to rent in Dunedin, or portfolio with them. All management companies complete the paperwork, collect rent, process bonds and do the odd inspection. They will all respond to a call regarding a repair and organise the tradesmen. But is that all that landlords and tenants are looking for?

The founders, Tania Elmer and Kyle Elmer, are heavily involved in the Dunedin and Otago rental property industry. Tania and Kyle Elmer started Mana Property Management Dunedin after hearing a great deal of negative feedback from landlords who have their properties managed. They themselves were not happy with the management of one of their houses to rent in Dunedin while living overseas and began to realise the problems were far reaching.

Tania commented, “It seems a lot of managers manage a huge portfolio which include sub standard properties that take up a lot of their time. We have taken over properties which have had tenants well known for there destruction of rentals and non-payment of rent. The previous management company can’t have checked them out properly or they would never have put them in that property”.

Mana Property Management Ltd concentrate on the important aspects. Making sure that the landlords they service intend to keep their properties up to scratch. The properties themselves are quality and they only choose tenants that come through the pre check with flying colours.

The area that seems to let a number of property managers down is the basics like property inspections. Often a tenant will put up with, or not get around to reporting a minor maintenance issue, which if left will, in most cases, worsen costing unnecessary expenditure to put right. Take a loose towel rail. Often the rail is loose because it was attached with screws straight into the wall where there is no stud. That type of fixing cannot take the weight of damp towels or the pulling on and off the towels. A simple 5-minute repair of inserting a cavity wall plug will fix the problem but left alone and the towel rail is pulled from the wall causing a hole the size of a golf ball. This is then a bigger job with a patch, filler, paint and relocating the towel rail. What a waste of time and money. Periodic inspections should bring most little problems to light and asking the tenant if there is any other issue usually brings to light the others. The Mana Property Management team will attend to small items when it is something that can be attended to then and there and often there is no cost to the landlord at all.

If this is the style of property management in Dunedin or Otago that you have been looking for and you havehouses to rent in Dunedin or Otago then contact the team at Mana Property Management to arrange for us to assist in your property investing goals.

Tania and Kyle Elmer
Mana Property Management Ltd


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Tania & Kyle Elmer

Tania & Kyle Elmer are active investors with a large portfolio of properties in Dunedin and Central Otago and mentor investors in the techniques used to grow wealth through property investing. Kyle and Tania are Co-directors of the Leading Property Mangers of New Zealand (LPMNZ). Kyle is a past president of the Otago Property Investors Association (OPIA). They founded Mana Property Management Ltd to provide specialist management services to Discerning Landlords dealing in the quality end of the market. www.ManaProperty.co.nz | Find Kyle on Google+

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