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New Zealand Property investment Category


Capital Growth Vs Cashflow Income

Making money in Property Investing can be achieved in a few ways.
Here Lisa explains the Equity Side of making money out of Real Estate Investing including: 1. Buying below value, 2. Adding value, 3. Capital Growth.

The other way of profiting from Property Investing is Cashflow producing properties.
Lisa explains the “balancing act” investors must take to ensure their portfolio suits them.


Christchurch Property Investment – Where To Buy?

Christchurch Property Investment / Christchurch Real Estate represent great opportunities.
Martin Evans from A1 Property Managers in Christchurch New Zealand is a veteran Property Investor and highly regard as an expert in the filed.

Martin share his views with us about where one should consider buying investment property in post Earthquake Christchurch.
“If someone offers you a property for one dollar would you not buy it??”


Auckland Housing Market Ripple Affect

David Whitburn give an overview of where he think the current housing boom is affecting prices, where is it heading next so you can make sure you get there first, RIDE THE WAVE UP AND GROW YOUR EQUITY.


Auckland Apartment Leasehold vs Freehold
Auckland City Apartments in New Zealand come in two forms: Leasehold OR Freehold land. Don Brown, an iFindProperty Property Finder specialising in the Auckland CBD Apartments market explains the difference and what you should be aware of.


Mount Wellington & Otahuhu Property Investment Update.
Rene McLean is a Registered Property Valuer give us a spotlight on the central Auckland suburbs of Mount Wellington and Otahuhu property investment market.



Kesh Maharaj is an active property investor in the Auckland market. Kesh is been investing successfully for many years and now helping other investors achieving their goals via


Hadar Orkibi covers how property Investors can find great deals? Hadar share’s the 3 Golden Rules of successful property finding.


David Whitburn interviewed by The Property Investors Network Talking About Auckland and Christchurch Property Market Current and Future Capital Growth. We Asked David Is it Sustainable? and would this trend spread to the rest of New Zealand?
David Whitburn is best-selling author of Invest and Prosper with Property and Director of also the current APIA president




David Whitburn Explain Why Auckland Property Market Is Experiencing Strong Growth

David Whitburn Talking About The Auckland Property Market, About Recent Rental Movements, Housing Shortage of 13,000 Per Year & Upward Price Movements.



Auckland Plan and Predict Some Growth Hotspots

David Whitburn interviewed by The Property Investors Network, Talking About Auckland Plan and Predict Some Capital Growth Hotspots.

David Whitburn is best-selling author of Invest and Prosper with Property and Director of also the current APIA president.


Joint Venture Part 1 – Talk to the Property Expert

Hadar Orkibi & Mark Honeybone discussing Property Investing and Trading with Joint Venture.

Joint Venture Part 2 – Talk to the Property Expert