Real Estate Investar Review – Should You Buy It ?

Posted on Wednesday, June 26 2013

Real Estate Investar Provides Various Tools You Need To Become An Effective Real Estate Investor



By making use of state-of-the-art technologies with a dedicated team of investment property specialists, Real Estate Investar provides a suite of intelligent property investment programs that helps you;

1 Obtain the top real estate ahead of the other property investors

2 Perform detailed research

3 Crunch the numbers

4 Effectively assess their cost by using the most current sale records and ownership information

5. Monitor your property investment portfolio

6. Keep Inform and up-to-date with Real Estate trends


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What’s achievable when using the Real Estate Investar suite of real estate investment applications?


1) Look for real estate investment in seconds that will match your investment criteria.

Investar Search is a highly state-of-the-art but simple to use search results which enables investors and traders to research the whole country by using a range of exceptional filter.

* Spend less of search time and be able to get the suitable property investment deals first.

* Find real estate investment within seconds that will satisfy your portfolio and strategy.

* Filter Optimasation: Properties up to 20% below market valuation – this means instant equity for your portfolio * High yields of up to 10% * High capital growth
* Positive cash flow property * Off-the-plan and newly completed opportunities * Townhouses and units, and much more.


2) When choosing real estate, each property investor openly asks themselves the same question – “Was It Really Worth It*”

My Valuer lets you to make live market research and unlimited residential property assessment quotations using up to the minute real estate data.

* Conduct live market analysis and unrestricted residential property appraisal estimations by making use of right up to the minute real estate property documents.

* Establish the property values by performing unlimited property reports – 24 hour, 7 days a week

* Get unlimited property information records like who is the owner?  how much did they pay?  How long has the property been on the market? with 24/7 availability.


3) My Research signifies you can connect to the country’s property database at your fingertips – with unlimited access to the recent suburb and property data and reports.

* Access the nation’s property data source using the most current property sales and suburb records

* Retrieve information regarding which homes have been sold or been rented within a street or suburb for correct analysis and higher leveraged negotiation.


4) Evaluate the financial stability of any possibility;

Regardless if you are an experienced real estate investor or simply starting your portfolio, analysing a property’s investment financial return has been a mixture of guess work, intuition, sentiment and experience.

Property Analyser is known as a leading edge on-line tool that allows you to determine if an investment property is financially feasible with a few minutes.


* Evaluate immediate equity, capital growth, Yield, after tax cash flow and many more within a few minutes

* Forget about the guess work when purchasing investment properties – basically informed conclusions based upon difficult economic information.


5) Track and monitor the precise continuing effectiveness to your property portfolio

Portfolio Tracker is referred to as an innovative on-line software which gives real estate investors a platform in which they are able to watch over and track their portfolio, thus as it boosts they’re able to reinvest and revalue immediately, realizing where the equity lies.

* Monitoring income, capital growth progress and surplus equity is easier and refinancing to invest in more real estate property and improve your investment portfolio has become much more easier.

* The use of Portfolio Tracker, traders understand the exact efficiency of each real estate with a simply click of the mouse .


6) Learn about new investments strategies and guidelines

With around 700 articles and 1,400 video and audio files, Real Estate Investar certainly is the only online multi media education available today.

* Offers a knowledgeable platform with the online education and learning experience bound to enhance their investing capabilities.

* They are committed to training real estate investors by way of specialist property investment articles, videos, audio recordings and online testing.


Real Estate Investar the complete package that will help you successfully invest in New Zealand Real Estate, it will modify the approach you invest in real estate and is a fundamental tool for achieving your property Investing goals.

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