150 a week return on a 50000 house Unbelievable but true

Posted on Wednesday, October 19 2011

$150 a week return on a $50,000 house? Unbelievable but true!

When I first started looking at the USA as a possible cash flow solution I never expected 3 years later to be trying to sell everything I own to invest more over there.
Investing internationally is inherently scary but not necessarily high risk. I know it took me 2 years to really get my head around the process and the pitfalls.

Today however I have no hesitation. It is a market offering 10 to 20% net returns of sustainable cash flow and it has been my honour to help a number of people replace their income literally overnight, often simply by selling 1 or 2 properties in NZ with equity or applying investment cash into the right sort of properties.

So here is a brief check list of what you need to be able to tick before deciding if this opportunity might be for you.

1. Minimum initial investment $25,000 USD cash.

2. Alternative minimum investment is ability to borrow $50,000 USD in New Zealand

3. Able to sleep at night knowing you own investments 12,000 miles away.

4. Be wanting cash flow only. In other words ok if properties do not increase in value for next ten years.

5. OK with hands off management.

6. Providing the first purchase goes well you are OK to have a medium term goal of a minimum of 5 investment properties in the USA

7. Able to develop “trust” with third party professionals. You cannot do this on your own remotely.

So if you can say yes to 6 of the seven, ( 1 and 2 being either or), then we need to talk. For a free phone consult or physical meeting please email info@turnkeypropertyinvestment.com today and let us help you build a cash flow machine for your (early) retirement!!

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