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Dear Member of the Property Investors Network,

The Team at the Property Investors Network are always working to grow our community by offering premium education and tools to help you succeed as an investor in today’s marketplace.

Since the birth of the website back in 2010 we been constantly working on developing the site and investing time and money in creating the unique platform which is now NZ’s leading marketplace for property Investors, Sellers and property professionals.

Our aim is to keep growing our community and we consistently aim to improve your experience as a user of the website and a member of our community.

Whether you are a Property investor, Property Seller who list properties in the Deal Rom™, Or a Property professional / Article writer we thank you for your support so far and trust you find our platform beneficial.

The team at ruled out the idea to move to a paid subscription model – It is our passion to create a community. Becoming a member and a user of the site is FREE of charge and we would like to keep it that way.

For us to keep providing you with FREE access to the Deal Room™, Investors Toolkit area, developing the website further and keep growing our community we would appreciate if you could Support Us by making a donation…

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