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What is a New Zealand Property Finder/Buyers Agent?

Lisa Dudson explains the benefits for investors of working with licensed Property Finders/Buyers Agents. Buyers Agents act for the buyers by negotiating with the seller, while keeping the buyers objective in mind.

How Does Real Estate Compare to Shares, Bonds or Gold as an Investment.

Lisa Dudson covers the key reason of advantage “the leverage option”, she also recommend investors to have a mixed portfolio of property mixed with assets which has more liquidity

Chapter 2: Cash On Cash Return Explained

Calculating the Cash on Cash return will show you exactly what is the actual real return received on real money used as a deposit or down payment when purchasing an investment property. – By Hadar Orkibi


Principle and Interest Or Interest Only Loan By Lisa Dudson

Lisa Dudson explains the difference between Interest Only and Principle & Interest loans.
Are you thinking “Should I pay my investment property or home loan off first?”


Chapter 1: Explanation How To Calculate Property Investment – Net vs Gross Yield

Hadar Orkibi shares his simple return on an investment calculating formula. This video explains the difference between Gross and Net Yields



New Zealand Real Estate – Two Must read Property Investing eBooks


Here you can find the link to our eBooks page:… The Team at the Property Investors Network are always working to grow our community by offering premium education and tools to help you succeed as an investor in today’s marketplace.