Cheap Money for non residents from USA banks no lie

Posted on Tuesday, February 5 2013

Cheap Money for non residents from USA banks No lie!!

When I started researching the USA investment market I thought the “Holy Grail” end game would be to be able to borrow money in the USA from USA banks at USA interest rates.

Looking online it appeared, depending on which site you went to that it was somewhere between difficult and impossible to ever achieve that goal.

So I did what I do and talked to banks, professionals and the guy at the corner shop to find out what if anything was possible.

Then we set out to try and see if it could be done for ourselves.
The amount of conflicting information was crazy. 2 different departments in the same bank would give you opposite answers.

But as we journeyed we realised that everything in America runs on box ticking bureaucracy so follow the mindless meaningless system and surely anything was possible right?

Well I am pleased to announce that as of today we have our first 2 banks offering to lend us money.
And not just any money, 90% loan to value ratio, 4% and 30 year term fixed money.
This means as an investor you can refinance all your capital out and now get a 5% net return on your real estate with no money in the deal.

I like to think of this as free money. After all if you put in say $100,000 into the USA and after qualifying you can get all of your $100,000 back and you now own $200,000 worth of real estate paying you $200 a week net isn’t that basically free money?

So that’s it, nothing else much to say except to tell yo it is possible to build credit and borrow from US banks in America as a non resident.

If you’d like to know more about how to do that email me at and I’ll send you a link to a free video on exactly how to do it for yourself!

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