Hot tips for marketing a property

Posted on Sunday, January 25 2015

Before you market your property there are some vital points to consider which will effect the outcome of a successful sale.

1. For first impressions- make sure you tidy up the entrance &
garden area.

2. Attend to any maintainence
which will be obvious to buyers.
Make sure the home is cleaned
thoroughly including windows.

3. Enlist the services of a professional home staging company. Most people cannot visualize empty spaces & find it hard to imagine how their furniture will fit the space.

A stylish presentation will enable a buyer to ‘connect’ with
the home and can shorten the time that the property is on the market.

When a home is dressed at its’ best it can lead to multi offers which often gains a higher price than anticipated & is a proven avenue for marketing.
Even the bleakest home can be transformed by creating a lovely setting from an ’empty canvas’.

4. Find the hottest, most successful agent to market your

It is absolutely paramount that you employ an agent who is a people person with strong negotiating skills & has a large
data base of client contacts.

Interview several before you enlist that person.

To recap:

1.First impressions
4.Hottest agent

Result: Opportunity for a successful sale!

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Lorraine Wilson

I'm Lorraine Wilson. I established my home staging company in 2006 to provide an affordable service to Aucklanders drawing on my background in visual merchandising for 2 major companies (Trade Aid & Levene colour & design) Prior to that I was extesively involved in property do-ups & investment.

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