Property4Prosperity Inc. Provides One-Year Rent Guarantee to Investors

Posted on Friday, July 26 2013

Investing in property abroad can seem like a daunting idea. Investors might not even physically see the property they put their money into, and may start to feel that the risks outweigh the rewards. At Property4Prosperity Inc., we understand the reservations investors from New Zealand, Australia, and elsewhere feel towards the United States real estate market, which is why we offer additional security with special programs like our one-year rent guarantee.

When investors purchase a turnkey property in America through Property4Prosperity and become landlords, they are covered in virtually any circumstance that causes a loss of rental income from their property. To qualify, the landlord just needs a current signed lease in place, and must agree to conduct certain due diligence with each new tenant, including a background check and credit report.

In exchange for keeping an updated lease on file and following through on these best practices for landlords, investors receive a guarantee that allows them to recover any lost revenue if a tenant vacates or abandons the rental unit before the end of the lease term, or even if they simply stop paying rent. The landlord is also covered when having to obtain a court-ordered eviction, and can even recover some of their legal fees spent in removing the tenant, up to $1000.00.

The amounts that investors can receive from the one-year rent guarantee policy vary depending on the situation. In the event of abandonment, eviction, and non-payment, landlords can recover up to six months’ rent, with an excess fee or deductible of one months’ rent. When the tenant experiences hardship, dies, or must attend to military service, then the policy limit extends to three months’ rent after an excess fee of one months’ rent. Investors satisfied with the program can extend the rent guarantee coverage after the initial term if desired.

Property4Propserity Inc. offers this guarantee in conjunction with a leading global provider of risk management services, ensuring the funds are there when the investor needs them. This new service is raising the bar for U.S. property providers in New Zealand, taking their investment opportunities to the next level in terms of viability and profitability. Lastly, purchasing a turnkey property in America has never been this reassuring.

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Chayot Ing-aram

Chayot is the co-founder of Property4Prosperity, Inc. He lives and breathes property investing. He received his BBS with Honours and Master in Finance from Massey University. He has been featured in one of New Zealand’s bestselling property investing books, interviewed in New Zealand Property Investor Magazine, and worked in the Committee for the local Property Investors' Association. He is currently residing in L.A., California, where Property4Prosperity, Inc.’s headquarter is located.

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