One Year Home Warranty Offer Means Now is the Time to Invest in Atlanta, Georgia

Posted on Friday, July 26 2013

Over here at Property4Prosperity, Inc., we’ve discovered a hidden gem in the United States property market, and we’re looking to share it with our overseas investors in New Zealand, Australia, and elsewhere. While Memphis, Tennessee has been an exceptionally profitable area for many of our clients, we’ve experienced firsthand the benefits of investing in Atlanta, Georgia, and now we want to encourage our clients to do the same.

Diversifying into Atlanta is a smart move; many of our current Kiwi and Australian investors are heavily entrenched in Memphis at the moment, which has proven a profitable move for virtually everyone. But the Atlanta market is on the move, attracting many different investors on an individual level, and even some hedge funds, increasing its potential to reach even higher profit margins in the near future.

In order to provide both an incentive and peace of mind to our overseas investors, we are now offering an American Home Shield One-Year Home Warranty for each turnkey property purchased in Atlanta. This warranty covers the property in case any major appliances or household systems fail; so, for example, if the washing machine and dryer should stop working during the policy term, the investor is only liable for a small trade service fee related to examining the appliances. The servicer then determines whether repair or replacement is necessary, and American Home Shield kicks in to foot the rest of the bill under the warranty.

American Home Shield is among the most respected names in the home warranty industry, and we are proud to partner with them to offer this unique opportunity to overseas investors interested in exploring Atlanta investment properties. In addition to the one year home warranty on Atlanta properties, we are continuing to offer a one year rent guarantee on all turnkey properties purchased by our clients in both Atlanta and Memphis, further protecting our clients from risk in investing in these lucrative markets.

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Chayot Ing-aram

Chayot is the co-founder of Property4Prosperity, Inc. He lives and breathes property investing. He received his BBS with Honours and Master in Finance from Massey University. He has been featured in one of New Zealand’s bestselling property investing books, interviewed in New Zealand Property Investor Magazine, and worked in the Committee for the local Property Investors' Association. He is currently residing in L.A., California, where Property4Prosperity, Inc.’s headquarter is located.

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