The Last Cashflow Years For Auckland Propert Real Estate

Posted on Friday, May 6 2016

Its is noticeable to anyone who is active in the Auckland property market that the median house price is getting closer and closer to One Million Dollar. Now days a 2 bedroom unit in Central Auckland are selling upwards of $500,000 while 3 Bedroom average houses out west or south Auckland are selling between say 570k-750k. not to mention new build are well over $800,000.

Rents vs Capital Growth

Rents are raising in Auckland at reasonable rate considering what people can afford but are lagging well behind asset price appreciation, The gap between rental return and the Real Estate purchase cost is widening every day to the point that most residential property gross yields are ranging between 2%-4%.


Appreciation Market Only!

Like Loss Angeles, San Fransisco and Sydny

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