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I am an experienced Property Trader and have been working along Hadar and NZ Property Investors for a while. My last 2 trades went very smoothly, with Hadar the Deal Room manger being very helpful and quick to provide any assistant when required.
This made it easy for me to be efficient and correspond back to the buyer quickly. The PMB message system is great!!

End result, I am very happy with the service at propertygenie.co.nz, the buyer is very happy with a great property and yield and I am happy to tie it all up together.

As a Property Trader I would recommend this process to any trader that has great properties, is ethical and likes to get a result.
I currently have another property under contract through the same process.

Mark H.

Cashflow thru Property: MH Ventures.

Cashflow thru Property: MH Ventures.
Property Trader / Education / Mentors, MH Ventures Limited