How To Find The Best Building Inspection Services

Posted on Wednesday, May 21 2014

Building inspection – what you need to know


When you get into the property investment game, you find yourself working with building inspectors on a somewhat regular basis. A pre-purchase building inspection is essential to ensure the property you purchase won’t end up costing you more than it is worth. Whether you are purchasing residential, commercial or rural real estate, a building inspection report is an essential part of the process. This article will provide four things to look for in home inspection services. We will also give you the name of a company that can help you find the best building inspector for your needs.

Qualifications and experience are the top features to look for in an inspection specialist. You want your Auckland house inspector to know the area well, and to know the common problems seen in homes so he knows precisely what to look for. A building inspection pre-purchase involves numerous components, including an evaluation of plumbing and electrical systems, a moisture inspection and even signs of termite activity. The employees of building inspection companies should know the ins and outs of these components, and perhaps even had a hand in installing them in similar homes.

In order to receive building certification, you will need to get written building inspection reports on your properties in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and anywhere else in the country. The report you receive from pre-purchase building inspections should include an overview of the property, recommendations for maintenance and a list of needed repairs. An online form for building inspections may allow you to see the results quicker, but you still need to have a written report with the original signature of the home inspector included. You should receive building inspections pre-purchase, so you know what you are getting into with the property.

Best Building Inspection Services

When you hire an Auckland building inspection specialist, find out what type of equipment will be used for the pre-purchase house inspection. While inspections of the past were often performed with only a flashlight, today’s technology allows for many more tests that can be run more accurately. Newer tools might include carbon monoxide analyzers, digital moisture sensors and digital cameras to document findings. While a lack of some of these tools doesn’t necessarily mean the building inspector isn’t qualified, the addition of these devices shows your inspector cares enough to keep up with the latest technology.

The final question to ask when arranging a building inspection is how much the service will cost. Auckland building inspections vary greatly in price and while you don’t want to choose building advice in New Zealand strictly on these criteria, it should weigh into your decision. Don’t settle for a cheaper price and end up with unauthorized work reports and an incomplete inspection. Instead, find out about the above criteria first, and if the inspector meets it, then ask about price. Make sure the price includes an exterior inspection as well as a full assessment of the building’s interior.

Whether you are purchasing property in Dunedin or Queenstown, you need a full building inspection before you put any money down. Sometimes it is very difficult to detect problems in a building unless a knowledgeable professional gets into the building to search for issues. To find a qualified building inspector for the property you are considering, ask your property finder for recommendations. To get more information about building inspections in New Zealand, contact

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