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Do not Waste Your Money

By: Maintain To Profit | 2015 June 8

It seems we spend more time talking to landlords about how not to spend their money than we do telling them to spend it sometimes. When your renovating an investment property there are 2 key rules the first being the [...]

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Electrical Appliance Recycling For Tenants And Landlords.

By: ApplianceRecycling | 2015 April 4

Each year in New Zealand thousands of electrical and whiteware appliances expire their useful working life and need to be replaced. This creates the large problem of what to do with all these items. The options of disposal include hiring [...]

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Is renovating property still a good strategy

By: Maintain To Profit | 2015 January 5

I recently came across one of the worst houses I have ever seen which due to the death of the tenant was up for sale. Having made an unconditional offer I felt confident that the vendor would accept my offer [...]

Your 5 Must dos for winter maintenance.

By: Maintain To Profit | 2014 November 30

Roofs Every year you should check your roof, chimneys and flashings (waterproofing strips that protect vulnerable areas) making sure problems are not developing. Things to look for include flashings that have corroded or lifted, and crumbling chimney mortar. Overhanging branches [...]

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Deck collapses 9 Hurt Are your rental properties safe

By: Maintain To Profit | 2014 June 6

I watched the news in horror as 9 people were injured  were staying at a holiday let in Omaha just north of Auckland. The owner was quick to point out she had had a builder look over the decks in [...]

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How To Find The Best Building Inspection Services

By: Hadar Orkibi | 2014 May 21

Building inspection – what you need to know   When you get into the property investment game, you find yourself working with building inspectors on a somewhat regular basis. A pre-purchase building inspection is essential to ensure the property you [...]

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Hints and Tips from the Renovation Experts

By: Maintain To Profit | 2014 February 10

HINTS AND TIPS FROM THE RENOVATION EXPERTS   How to choose the best contractor for your next job or project When choosing a contractor you should look at each company specifically to match the type of work you require (i.e. [...]

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Auckland Council Seeking volunteers for Warranty Of Fitness Test   Throughout February the Auckland council’s Housing Project Office (HPO) is undertaking a field test of a housing “Warrant of Fitness” method. The field test is seen as an important step [...]

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Holiday Maintenance Everything A Landlord Needs To Know

By: Maintain To Profit | 2013 December 3

With Christmas looming fast and the prospect of some sun, surf and relaxation on most of our minds now is a good time to ensure you have your rental maintenance or even for that matter home maintenance covered for the [...]

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Property Maintenance Services From Local Tradesmen

By: Maintain To Profit | 2013 October 27

Why You Should Choose Local Tradesmen To Provide Property Maintenance Services Finding a good tradesman can be a difficult task. Whether you need tiling, gardening, plumbing or other you want to make sure you select a tradesman who will be [...]

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Renovating Your Residential Investment Property Made Simple

By: Maintain To Profit | 2013 January 17

Renovating Your Residential Investment Property Made Simple Renovating a property for investment can be very difficult when you haven’t done it before and isn’t that easy even when you have to stay focused on what you need to achieve. So [...]

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Be A Wise Landlord – Maintain Your Properties

By: Maintain To Profit | 2012 November 21

So many property investors I meet and talk to don’t grasp the concept that property investing is a business and first and fore mostly should be run like one. Your revenue is your rental income and expenses are your mortgage, [...]

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Fix it or pay the price

By: Maintain To Profit | 2010 December 4

Unlawful Acts: A new list of “unlawful acts” with specific fines has been added. Landlords may be fined up to $3,000 if they fail to provide the property in a reasonably clean state or fail to carry out maintenance or [...]

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