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Posted on Saturday, October 19 2013

Property Indepth – Your Local Registered Property Valuers : What is happening in the market and how can we help?

Hope everyone has had a great Waitangi day and is ready for some gruelling 5 day working weeks now that summer has finally arrived!

With Property Indepth now having ten Registered Property Valuers on board in the Auckland region, and that number again over the remainder of the North Island, the company continues to defy the trend in the Valuation industry with steady growth from its inception over 5 years ago. The use of technology and home offices has been an increasing trend for many businesses which have succeeded over the recent tough economic times, and has attracted a vibrant, quality team of Franchise business owners valuing in the heart of their areas of expertise.

All very nice but how does this benefit you as a client? Our locally based Valuers will have the market knowledge required to give accurate, consistent valuations, and have an indepth knowledge a feel for what is happening in the community. An example of this would be the unit I valued the other day under powerlines, a value gobbler unless the fact the powerlines are being removed shortly is taken into account. Being close also will mean a faster turnaround time and the emailed link provides a totally secure original report for you, the bank and anyone else you specify within minutes of the report being signed off. There’s no jostling for the fax machine from our Property Valuers, no waiting anxiously for minutes on end only to find missing pages or a busy signal. But a fast turnaround doesn’t mean we cut corners – you will get a much more detailed valuation that any other company will give you at no more cost than a standard valuation! (forget about the cheapies that the bank may not accept – our company is accepted by all lenders)

The heat is certainly rising in the Auckland Market with generally modest but steady value increases in most localities. The home buyer market in the $400,000 to $500,000 (yep that’s entry level!) is continuing to fuel price increase with demand exceeding supply. With many properties now exceeding the 2007 peak, those refinancing should find a pleasing result from their Property Valuer – providing it is a soundly built property unlikely to leak! Whilst most investment stock in the $200,000 to $350,000 price brackets are yet to surpass 2007 levels, the strong increases in rents provide excellent returns. Every month there continues to be fewer properties built than required, creating a greater housing shortage, and with the bulk of rebuilding in Christchurch is yet to occur, this is forecast to worsen. Yet there is potential for demand to increase significantly even if net immigration only returns to average levels. A Registered Property Valuer will become increasingly important to ensure you don’t pay too much, and to determine the equity in your portfolio to enable you to purchase more property, renovate or just stay afloat if your day job is underperforming! But don’t feel like that extra equity is burning a hole in your pocket – always get the right advice from a Registered Property Valuer, buy well and set yourself up for life! Provide yourself with a cashflow, not a flash show, if is anything to go by! Please call us for the right specialist residential property valuation advice!

By Rene McLean.

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Registered Property Valuers How can we help



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One Response to “Registered Property Valuers How can we help”

  1. Hadar Orkibi says:

    The Property market in Auckland in defiantly moving. using a registered Property Valuer for establishing Market value is a must.

    I used Property In Depth on a number of times and was very happy with the service and price. Cheers H.

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