Property Valuation Services – Who To Use?

Posted on Sunday, November 1 2015

Obtaining The Service of a Registered Property Valuer – Good Call


There are many reasons why you might need property valuation services in New Zealand. Whether you are buying or selling property, property valuations are essential to ensure the property is priced right to sell fast. There are many property valuers advertising their services in Auckland, Wellington and other areas of New Zealand. This article will give you four reasons you might need to hire the services of registered property valuers in New Zealand and the name of a company that can offer you additional information about real estate valuation.

The most obvious reason for getting a property valuation New Zealand is to buy or sell property. If you are purchasing or selling for investment purposes, a real estate investment analysis requires a property valuation to determine market value or for commercial cap rate an income property valuation. Valuation of real property ensures you are purchasing a property for the right price. By the same token, valuation factors will help you sell a property without over or underselling your real estate, whether you need a rural property valuation or are looking at a metropolitan area like Wellington or Auckland.

Real estate valuers can also help you if your property is taking too long to sell. Perhaps current market sales data has changed and your original sales price is no longer competitive. Current property valuations New Zealand can take a look at property supply to see if your sales price needs to be adjusted to current market trends. This is particularly important for investors concerned about a cash flow approach to their property investments and need to sell property within a certain window to maintain necessary cash flow.

Registered Property Valuation Services

Residential property valuation can also indicated whether renovations would be worth the investment. This registered valuation can compare the cost of renovations to a replacement cost approach to see whether it is better to upgrade your property or sell and move on. By the same token, commercial property valuations can help you determine rental growth. A commercial property valuation will take different factors into consideration in weighing the potential return on a property.

The appraisal of real estate is important, whether you are participating in buyer negotiating directly or sending a professional in to do the negotiating for you. Understanding how properties are valued is an important part of successful property investing and valuation building. An appraisal institute can help you know both the current value of a property and even estimate future value using the same information included in registered valuations. A valuation ensures you buy a property for a good price and sell for a healthy profit.

Whether you are looking at investment property in Auckland, Dunedin, Christchurch or Queenstown, a property valuation is essential to a sound purchase or sale. The best way to find a valuation service is to talk to the property finder who is assisting you with buying your investment property. To get more useful information for buying a home or investing in property in New Zealand, contact the professionals at

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