Questions to ask a Property Manager before you hire them

Posted on Sunday, December 5 2010

Hi Team,

I have put together a list of questions to ask a prospective property manager, if you are considering hiring one.
If you, like me, own properties in various parts of New Zealand or the world, then Property managers are essential for keeping the portfolio professionally managed with maximum returns.

Ha, and lets not forget, if just like me you would rather chase the deal then the tenants or maintenance.


New Zealand Property Management


I hope you will find this helpful:

Questions to ask a Property Manager before you hire them.

1. What is your fee structure?

2. Do you charge an inspection fee?

3. How many properties do you manage?

4. How often and how do you distribute the income for the client’s bank account?

5. How much do you charge for Rental appraisal and manage maintenance or repairs.

6. Tenant selection: do you carry credit checks on potential tenants? And obtain a bond from the tenants for security? How much?

7. For how long do you make leases for?

8. How easy do you make it for prospective tenants to view a property?

9. What is your procedure of dealing with arrears?

10. Do you charge the Tenant a letting fee when they sign up for the tenancy?

11. What are Additional costs: advertising, etc.


Hadar Orkibi

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