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While landlords are spending more and more time and money insulating and providing heatpumps and other forms of heating, tenants seem to complain more about condensation and mould. There are usually tell tale signs when you take a look at [...]

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My tenant wants out of a fixed term tenancy what now

By: Mana Property Management | 2015 April 11

My tenant wants out of a fixed term tenancy – what now? Being an efficient landlord, you have secured the perfect tenants who have signed up until next summer. The maintenance is all up to date and you can relax [...]

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Electrical Appliance Recycling For Tenants And Landlords.

By: ApplianceRecycling | 2015 April 4

Each year in New Zealand thousands of electrical and whiteware appliances expire their useful working life and need to be replaced. This creates the large problem of what to do with all these items. The options of disposal include hiring [...]

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Is the cost of Insurance a necessary Evil

By: Mana Property Management | 2015 January 10

Many property related expenses are increasing to the extent that investors are questioning whether property investing, in times of minimal capital gains, is really a viable option. Take insurance. Comparing our policies in the last 7 years with an excellent [...]

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Is your property manager working for you

By: Mana Property Management | 2014 October 5

There are some excellent property managers out there and the best ones seem to be able to put their clients first while successfully running their own business. Is your property manager working for you or themselves? This is a quick [...]

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Price and Value in Property Management

By: Richard Gardner - Allways Property Management | 2014 July 2

Warning: If you don’t care about return on investment or about money, then you will have no interest in this.   During an evaluation between different property management options, you may wonder why the difference in price between various companies [...]

Rental Properties Manawatu, Palmerston North

By: Richard Gardner - Allways Property Management | 2014 May 22

Manawatu is a great place to live, work, play and invest in residential property. According to the 2013, census, in Palmerston North there is just less than 8,000 rental properties occupied and are either privately owned, in a Trust or [...]

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What would this rent for

By: Mana Property Management | 2014 March 27

WHAT WILL THIS PROPERTY RENT FOR? Gone are the days that owner occupied properties are at one end of the quality scale and rental properties are at the other. A standard property today would include a heat-pump or wood burner, [...]

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RTA Boarding Houses & Rent By The Room and Studio Rooms

By: Mana Property Management | 2014 March 3

Residential Tenancies Act, Boarding Houses, Rent By The Room and studio rooms During the last few years while the review of the Residential Tenancies Act has been taking place, the focus has not been on how the changes will affect [...]

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Peak Renting Period drawing to a close

By: Mana Property Management | 2014 February 26

With rental properties in prime Auckland suburbs currently in high demand, it could be easily overlooked that in most of the country, the renting season is actually drawing to a close. Most tenants move in summer and they have the [...]

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Service on Tenants

By: Tenancy Practice | 2014 February 9

For many of us, life is not just about being a landlord. Having to juggle a multitude of commitments means that we may not always be able to devote as much time and energy to our rentals as we would [...]

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By: Matt Cutler | 2013 November 14

Many people have asked about a vital District Court case that we just won which has now set a precedent and will allow landlords of properties with 6 or more tenants on individual leases to once again obtain fixed term [...]

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Is this a good area to buy rentals?

By: Mana Property Management | 2013 July 21

A common question in property investing is “where is a good place to buy?” If you are buying rental property then when thinking locations, you need to know where people want to rent. A renter wants convenience and often that [...]

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What rental property is in demand

By: Mana Property Management | 2013 July 4

Dunedin Rental Property   As we come out of the peak Rental Property letting season it is an interesting time to begin to review what kind of property has been popular. Although the main statistics are not yet out, so [...]

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Tired landlord syndrome and how to avoid it

By: Mana Property Management | 2013 June 2

How to be a better landlord   Tired landlord syndrome is a common problem we get called in to try and fix as property managers in Dunedin. We have all heard the stories, a would be property investor is seduced [...]

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Technology Changes The Face Of Property Investing

By: Mana Property Management | 2013 February 18

Leading Dunedin Property Management say “Technology Changes The Face Of Property Investing” Property investing has always been a staple component of the balanced investment strategy. From the lords of the manor in the kingdom of old to the modern investor, [...]

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Tenant Checks Minimising One Of Your Biggest Risks

By: Mana Property Management | 2012 March 5

Using Tenant Checks To Reduce Risk As has been featured many times recently, the potential for a property investor to lose money can be quite common if simple rules are not followed. Not checking your rent payments or management statements [...]

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Merry Christmas New Zealand landlords

By: Tenancy Practice | 2011 December 19

Merry Christmas: New Zealand Property Management Tips While you are away on holiday, you are still a landlord. The rent still has to be received and urgent repairs made during the Christmas New Year period. Hopefully these holiday smart tips [...]

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Increase Those Rents

By: Mana Property Management | 2011 December 16

How To Increase Rental Properties Income We are now well and truly in the silly season both with regards to Santa and Christmas parties and also renewing tenancies and re- renting properties due to become empty over the next couple [...]

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NZ Looks Good From Where I Am Sitting

By: Mana Property Management | 2011 November 15

NZ LOOKS GOOD FROM WHERE I AM SITTING I am sitting here back in my town of birth in England (not under the best circumstances) realising how good we really have it in our own back yard in New Zealand. [...]

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Fixed term tenancies notice must be given to end.

By: Mana Property Management | 2011 September 27

FIXED TERM TENANCIES – NOTICE MUST BE GIVEN TO END Prior to the 2010 Residential Tenancies Act amendments, at the end of a fixed term, the tenants were expected to move out. If they didn’t, there would be a limbo [...]

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Dunedin Property Management Companies Friend or Foe

By: Mana Property Management | 2011 August 14

Property Management Dunedin Companies – Friend or Foe? As with any profession there are good and not so good Dunedin property management companies so it is essential to check them out thoroughly if you are to entrust your investment houses [...]

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How To Choose A Property Management Service

By: admin | 2011 February 27

Property Management – Make Sue You Get It Right   If you are out of town landlord and purchasing rental property in Auckland, Wellington or Dunedin , the selection of a property management service will be paramount to the success [...]

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Hi Team, I have put together a list of questions to ask a prospective property manager, if you are considering hiring one. If you, like me, own properties in various parts of New Zealand or the world, then Property managers [...]

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