Electrical Appliance Recycling For Tenants And Landlords.

Posted on Saturday, April 4 2015

Updated 1st February 2020

Each year in New Zealand thousands of electrical and whiteware appliances expire their useful working life and need to be replaced. “This creates the large problem of what to do with all these items” says Calvin Leonard of Appliance Recycling Ltd and Auckland based electronics , e-waste and appliance recycling company . The options of disposal include hiring a trailer and visiting the local refuse transfer station at a cost of approx $17 to $20 for just one standard item such as a family refrigerator or washing machine. Then on top of that there’s trailer hire and the cost of petrol to consider.
And what should landlords tell their tenants to do if they have unwanted items during or at the end of a tenancy? Too many times they simply leave them behind for someone else to deal with or worse still dump them at the side of the road somewhere, remember out of sight is out of mind to many people but at the end of the day someone has to deal with it, and if you are a landlord it’s only a matter of time before that someone could be you.
So what’s the answer I hear you say? Well for both landlords and tenants there are a few options so that everything is done legally at minimal cost, with low impact on the environment and without incurring hefty penalties for being caught illegally dumping.

Option 1) Your Auckland based tenant leaves behind a rather large refrigerator and now you are in charge of its disposal since they are long gone and not returning your calls anymore, sound familiar ? You could hire a trailer and drive it down to the local transfer refuse station, pay the $17, return the trailer and job done. Total cost incl hire and petrol is approx $35 to 40 and 1 hour of your time wasted instead of doing something more productive.

Option 2) You could use a service from a company called Appliance Recycling Ltd who will charge you $55 incl GST to collect that item from anywhere in the metropolitan Auckland Area .

Option 3) You could drop that item off to Appliance Recycling in Onehunga where they don’t charge anything for drop offs for most items .
Whether you are a tenant or landlord at some point you will be confronted with this issue and as a responsible landlord its worth going the extra mile to advise tenants of their options when it comes to disposing of such items, and for tenants knowing there is a free option to dispose of unwanted appliances is great to know and tell other people who may require the same service. With recycling and end of life of appliances becoming a hot topic the requirement for product stewardship of importers and manufacturers is becoming more important .

To contact Appliance Recycling Ltd here are the details:
Appliance Recycling Ltd: (09) 579 6198

119 Unit D Captain Springs Rd
Auckland 1061

Website: www.appliancerecycling.co.nz

Mobile: 021 516787 Calvin Leonard
Mobile: 0272 729308 Darren Rapson

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