Are You investing in Property Overseas Read on how to Minimize Risk

Posted on Monday, October 28 2013

Transferring money From or To New Zealand??

Read on how to Minimize Risk with foreign money rates when doing an Overseas funds transfer and using different currencies.

The Property Investors Network has members from around the Globe, you can find out how to minimize risk for FREE by clicking here.

As you know, at Property Investors Network, we’re always trying to find ways of helping you build your property portfolio by suggesting useful information or tools. One of these tools to assist with International transfers is a company called NZForex, they offer much better exchange rates than you get from the bank, and can assist with fixing exchange rates for up to 1 year (hedging), which is extremely valuable in the current market. NZForex has client world wide and can transfer funds in a very competitive rates in all major currencies. The bulk majority of client base is from Australia, UK, Japan and Europe.

The cost of purchasing a property in NZ increased significantly for all USA investors between 30/11/11 and 1/12/2011. The market dropped 4 US cents overnight, while most of us in New Zealand were sleeping.
You can also see that the rate has dropped 7 cents in less than 6 days. If you were migrating to NZ with 1M USD a week ago, you have just lost $52,000 in less than a week.

I am certainly not suggesting that purchasing property, is not a sound investment, but you need to be aware of all of the options available to protect yourself against losses.

This type of erratic market movement is not isolated just to the USD/NZD currency pair, this is a worldwide trend that is now the norm, rather than the exception it used to be.

The current Currency exchange market is volatile, and it looks like it is to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

  • If you are investing in property and are concerned about the currency moving before settlement? Simply lock in today’s rate for price certainty in 2 days-12 months time.
  • Would you like the ability to lock today’s exchange rate for 12 months?
  • Do you have to make ongoing monthly mortgage that you would like to fix at today’s rate of exchange, to avoid the volatility increasing your monthly payment?

Do you want to talk to someone about the possible movements of currency and options available to you for International payments?

  • Do you make any international payment of any type, regardless of the size or frequency?
  • Do you simply want to compare rates against your current bank?
  • You can Register online for FREE by clicking here, you will be contacted by Marcus Phillips who is NZForex dealer.
  • You will be contacted by Marcus for a no obligation conversation about your personal circumstances.
  • Please note- You can register from anywhere in the world.

NZForex is the New Zealand arm of the OzForex group of companies, a global foreign exchange specialist. They offer extremely competitive rates of exchange and lower fees than you would see with banks and other providers, so your money goes further. They can also provide you with advice & hedging tools in order to assist you in managing the volatility of the foreign exchange markets.

The OzForex Group was established in 1998 with the aim of creating a smarter, online alternative to existing foreign exchange services. Focused on providing individuals and corporate clients with a better deal, OzForex is recognized as one of Australia’s fastest growing companies. With offices in Sydney, Toronto, London, Auckland and Hong Kong, the group is a strategic investment of Macquarie Bank, Accel Partners and the Carlyle Group. The OzForex group has over 100,000 clients globally who transfer in excess of $10Billion NZD per annum.

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