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Posted on Sunday, February 27 2011

Look for positive returns on NZ property investment


Investors looking for a residential property investment in New Zealand will not be disappointed. There are many lovely real estate options in this country that offer opportunities for a diversified investment portfolio in commercial, rural and residential properties. However residential property investments can be a complex process. This article will give you four factors to consider when shopping for residential real estate in New Zealand. At the end of this article, we will give you the name of a company that can assist you with all your residential and commercial property needs.

Whether looking for property in Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington, consider the specific location of the property. When appraising residential properties, location is one of the first items on the list. You want to find a location that is lucrative right now, but more importantly, you want to find a location that provides good prospect for capital growth and residential property development. This ensures that the property you choose will bring rental income in the present and a windfall from additional rent or a sale later on. A residential property investment calculator can help indicate what kind of return you might get on your property. (refer to our investors tool kit area for selection of free calculator)

When appraising residential properties, the next factor to consider is whether the property will provide decent rental income. A direct property investment for this purpose needs to be one that will attract reliable tenants and attract them over the long term. When you are going to purchase rental property, you need to consider the effect rental property income tax will have on your income rate. You also need to find a managing agent or residential property management company to maintain your property. If your rental income does not exceed the cost of this service, you will not be seeing much return on your investment.

NZ Residential Property Investment

When you find a property you want to purchase, the lending you choose will also make a difference in how lucrative your investment will be. You need to decide if a variable loan or a fixed-rate product will meet your needs best. You also need to find favorable rates and terms to ensure your property investment is a good value. The property finder you work with may have mortgage lenders that will offer you the best deal on real estate finance.

Once the contract is signed, you will need to find a company to perform a residential property inspection. This professional will take a close look at the property being appraised to get an accurate estimate of the total property value. You will find out if there are repairs or renovations that will need to be made to the property and you will be able to factor in the cost of those changes when coming up with a thorough real estate investment analysis.

Whether you are searching for property in Hamilton, Queenstown or an entirely different area of New Zealand, a property finder buyers agent can help you find the perfect investment property for your needs. This professional works the property market to ensure you have the best selection of investment properties possible. No matter where you look or what type of property you want to buy, this is the company to count on for all of your investment property needs. For more information about the services offered by property finders buyers agent, contact

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