A Review of Realenz

Posted on Sunday, February 27 2011

Review of RealEstate.co.nz


Realenz or RealEstate.co.nz is a website that helps buyers and property investors find real estate in New Zealand. The website doesn’t actually offer private sellers the to list their properties for sale as it is the official website of the Real Estate institute of NZ. This website is a good place to start as a property investor, because it helps you get an idea of the types of property for sale in this country, as well as the average pricing in the areas you are interested in. This article will offer a review of Realenz, as well as the name of a company you can work with to find the best investment property for your purposes.

realestate.co.nz provides listings for all types of New Zealand properties, from Auckland to Dunedin and everywhere in between. The website also offers the latest real estate news as well as tips for both buyers and sellers. In addition to residential properties, this website provides listings for commercial properties, farms and businesses. Real estate for rent is also included. We appreciate that Realenz includes this website on their page, because it offers real estate listings for just about everyone interested in New Zealand properties.

As an alternative option TradeMe.co.nz and HomeSell.co.nz are website dedicated to helping individuals buy and sell property on their own. These companies offers packages that provide everything you need to sell on your own.

While we understand that many try to sell homes on their own to save on steep commissions, we believe that property investors are much better off working with a professional property finders buyers agents who can help them find the right property and negotiate the best deal.

realestate.co.nz also provides an option for property owners to search for a real estate agent in their area, we believe this should be improved so property investors who seek the service of a buyers agent should be able to search for professional property finder in their targeted area.

Review of RealEstate.co.nz

The website also offer a mobile application for iPhone and Android phones, the app has full color photos, floor plans and detailed property descriptions. This is an excellent choice for investors who want to find out what is available while on the road searching for deal. Search mechanisms allow you to search be suburb, region or property ID#. You can spend plenty of time browsing interactive maps which show current open homes in near you or throughout the area.

Overall, we believe Realenz offers a wealth of information to property investors and home buyers alike. However, when it comes to choosing the best property for your investment needs, it is helpful to have a professional on your side to offer advice and guidance. This is where a seasoned property finder comes in. For more information about property finders buyers agents or investment property in New Zealand, visit PropertyGenie.co.nz.


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