Investment Property For Sale Auckland New Zealand

Posted on Sunday, February 27 2011

Auckland Property Investment Has Strong Long Term Fundamentals


Investors from around the globe are flocking to Auckland property for sale because of the many advantages of investing in New Zealand real estate today. while property for sale in Auckland tends to be priced higher than other areas of New Zealand, it is still much less than other countries. This means that if you are an investor from Australia, Asia, the US or UK, you may be happy with the bargains you find in New Zealand Real Estate. This article will offer four tips in finding lucrative investment property in Auckland. At the end of the article, we will tell you who to contact to find the best Auckland investment property for your needs.

Auckland may be more expensive than other areas of New Zealand, but the economic downturn has affected housing prices here as well. You may find some bargains in Auckland real estate if your act fairly quickly, whether you are looking for a house for sale in Auckland City or North Shore property for sale. While prices tend to be on the low side currently, the property values are still growing at a nice, steady clip, meaning your investment property will grow in value for a good return on your money.

Investment Property For Sale Auckland New Zealand

Another advantage to Auckland is that this metropolitan area offers plenty of diversity in the real estate available. You can find commercial properties that will provide an excellent rental income over the long term. Residential properties also abound, from homes to flip to apartment rentals. You can even find tourism properties for rental purposes, since this city sees its share of visitors at various times during the year. The variety of real estate opportunities allows you to diversify your investment portfolio for better returns and security.

Another advantage to investing in Auckland is that there are many employment opportunities here. Because a majority of New Zealanders work in Auckland, a significant number want to live there as well, with Statistic NZ predicting growth of over $600,000 people by 2031 This means a consistent demand for real estate in Auckland, which is good news to investors who are selling or renting property. You can find plenty of high quality renters and buyers in Auckland to help you make your property investment efforts a success.

Like the rest of New Zealand, Auckland property provides many tax advantages over property in other countries. New Zealand does not require investors who sell their property to pay capital gains taxes on their profits. This is a huge advantage to investors who get to pocket all their proceeds instead of sending a significant percentage to the local government. Depreciation rates are also more favorable in New Zealand than in other parts of the world, so you can get additional tax benefits through reporting these numbers.

If you are on the hunt for property for sale in Auckland in a specific location or suburb, it is best to enlist the assistance of a real estate agent or buyers agent in that particular area. You can also work with a property finder buyers agent who networks with many realtors to find the best property options for your needs. Because a property finder buyers agent works exclusively for the buyer, your interests are protected throughout the process. For more information about what a property finder does, contact

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