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Posted on Wednesday, May 25 2011

Seek Advise When Venturing To Commercial Property Investing


Investing in commercial properties is very different than putting your money into residential property. Therefore, it takes a different kind of expertise to be successful in this undertaking. There are many good commercial properties available throughout New Zealand if you know where to look and how to buy. This article will give you four key factors to consider when shopping for commercial real estate. We will also let you know who to contact for help when you are ready to leap into the commercial property investment market.

The entrepreneurial investor eventually moves from residential to commercial properties investment because they tend to bring in a much greater return. However, they also cost much more to purchase, whether you are looking in Auckland or Dunedin. Financing this type of properties at higher price level usually requires larger deposit as lenders usually comfortable with up to 60% Loan to Value Ratio. This fact alone tends to complicate the process, which is why using professionals to facilitate the transactions is usually imperative to the success of the endeavor.

Whether you are looking for commercial retail blocks, warehouse or a simple office or apartment building, finding commercial property is not always simple. Unlike residential properties, commercial real estate does not always make it to the public listings. Networking is essential to successful commercial investing, because this is often the best way to find the best bargains. However, an experienced professional in the field of property investment has already done the networking for you and can facilitate the searching process with his many connections.

Lending for commercial real estate is much different than residential financing. Some parts are easier to handle, while other aspects are much more complicate. Things like down payments and fees can vary greatly between residential and commercial financing. It is important to work with a professional who is experienced in commercial purchases. This person can help you find the best lending institutions for your needs and walk you through the process so it goes more smoothly.

NZ Commercial Property for Sale

When you purchase residential real estate, you probably have certain formulas you use to determine whether certain purchases will be a good investment. Factors like after-repaired values have a direct impact on the kind of return you can expect. Commercial properties for sale have similar formulas that can help you ascertain the good investments from the lemons. However, the formulas are very different from those used in residential purchases. If you work with a professional who is experienced in commercial investments, he can help you work through the formulas to find the real estate with the best potential.

Whether you are looking for commercial property investment in Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown or Christchurch, having the right professional on your side will make all the difference. A property finder buyers agent who specializes in commercial property can have a huge impact on the success of your investment. This person will know where the best properties are, how to negotiate a good price and where to go for financing. Contact to get more information on how to buy commercial property with investment potential in mind.

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