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Auckland North Shore Property Market The coastal setting, sandy beaches and breathtaking views make this an attractive area for commercial and residential interests alike. The proximity to Auckland Central Business District also offers ample employment opportunities and amenities for residents […]

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How to choose block of flats as an investment property   Finding Property Investment as Block of Flats for sale in New Zealand isn’t difficult, since these buildings are available in just about any NZ city or suburb across the […]

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Commercial Property Know How   If you want to move into property investing, why not consider commercial real estate? There are many benefits in including commercial properties in your property portfolio. Although finding commercial property for sale can be more […]

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Seek Advise When Venturing To Commercial Property Investing   Investing in commercial properties is very different than putting your money into residential property. Therefore, it takes a different kind of expertise to be successful in this undertaking. There are many […]

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Look for positive returns on NZ property investment   Investors looking for a residential property investment in New Zealand will not be disappointed. There are many lovely real estate options in this country that offer opportunities for a diversified investment […]

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A Review of Realenz

By: admin | 2011 February 27

Review of   Realenz or is a website that helps buyers and property investors find real estate in New Zealand. The website doesn’t actually offer private sellers the to list their properties for sale as it is the […]

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How To Choose A Property Management Service

By: admin | 2011 February 27

Property Management – Make Sue You Get It Right   If you are out of town landlord and purchasing rental property in Auckland, Wellington or Dunedin , the selection of a property management service will be paramount to the success […]

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Property For Sale In New Zealand

By: admin | 2011 February 27

Why NZ Property Is So Attractive? Local and International investors have tuned into the many advantages of shopping for property for sale in New Zealand. Investment property in this country is appealing to many property investors around the globe, particularly […]

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Auckland Property Investment Has Strong Long Term Fundamentals   Investors from around the globe are flocking to Auckland property for sale because of the many advantages of investing in New Zealand real estate today. while property for sale in Auckland […]

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A Review of Open2View

By: admin | 2011 February 27

Review of NZ Top 10 Real Estate Website Open2View is an online real estate finding service for New Zealand. This website provides current real estate listings throughout the country, from Auckland to Dunedin and every community in between. When it […]

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