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Contemporaneous Settlements and Lenders

By: Squirrel | 2015 January 20

This is where one buyer (a Trader) gets property under contract and then on sells it. On the day of settlement the property contemporaneously settles so the Trader doesn’t need to draw on their own funding. Lenders are cautious of [...]

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Lending Criteria for Overseas Buyers

By: Squirrel | 2014 March 4

Broadly speaking foreigners can borrow up to 70% on residential investment property and 65% for commercial property. Australian residents can borrow up to 90% for residential properties. If you are a Kiwi living overseas then we can get some lenders [...]

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Wholesale Money For Property Investors

By: Matt Thorburn | 2013 June 27

 Would NZ Interest Rate Go Up?   There has been much in the news lately regarding interest rates & bank lending criteria, it can be understood why many who do not follow the markets simply run with the herd or [...]

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A lot has been happening the past few weeks that has impacts for property and investors. There is so much going on, it is hard to bridge the gap between macro and micro factors affecting property. You need to read [...]

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Impact of RBNZ capital increases – High LVR May Cost Investors More   Whoop whoop – we have our finger on the pulse! The RBNZ announcement today that bank’s will be required to hold more capital on high LVR (loan-to-value) [...]

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How To Deflate A Property Bubble

By: Squirrel | 2013 April 24

NZ Property Bubble – Can We Control It?   No government has lost an election because house prices increased. This goes to the heart of why we have seen decades of government in-action. Property is an easy bet – it [...]

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Whats up with Mortgage Rates

By: Squirrel | 2013 February 18

Whats up with New Zealand Mortgage Rates? Lets start with wholesale interest rates, technically referred to as swap rates. Swap rates have been increasing since December. The 1-year swap rate has gone from 2.54% on 1th December to 2.82% on [...]

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Do You Wanna be a Developer

By: Squirrel | 2012 December 10

Do You Wanna Be a Developer? Pre GFC, Property Developers had mythical rock star type status. The public face of the industry was full of massive egos, fast cars, illicit drugs, and self-absorbed “beautiful people.” Intelligence has never been a [...]

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Financial Design For Property Investors

By: Matt Thorburn | 2012 August 22

So what makes a property investor successful? Many say negotiation skills, some say market expertise, success can be many varying things to many different people. However, at the end of the day, your access to funding is the one key [...]

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NZ Mortgage Rates – Where to from here?

By: Squirrel | 2012 June 25

NZ Mortgage Rates – Where to from here?   With wholesale interest rates tracking as low as they are, and ongoing ructions in Europe, there is plenty of keen discussion on interest rates. The opinions vary greatly and everyone has [...]

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NZ Interest Rates Outlook for March 2012

By: Scott Miller | 2012 March 5

Current NZ Interest Rates as at 1 March 2012 Variable 5.60% 6 Month Fixed 5.40% 1 Year Fixed 5.45% 2 Year Fixed 5.49% 3 Year Fixed 5.85% 5 Year Fixed 6.65% NZ Interest Rates Outlook As mortgage interest rates remain [...]

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Last week I was speaking with the head of lending for Westpac, and I asked him ” if you had one wish (in regards to lending) what would it be? Without a moments hesitate he came back to me and [...]

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Economic State of Play

By: admin | 2011 August 17

I think the current market is an exciting one for street smart investors. However, a number of enthusiastic lemmings will unwittingly jump off the cliff. It’s why so many people seem to be prepared to pay good money to attend [...]

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Mortgage Rate Update Feb 2011

By: Squirrel | 2011 January 31

Economists generally agree that mortgage rates will not begin to increase until the second half of this year. The issue they have not addressed is the impact of a mad rush to fix. Just about everyone I talk to “intends” [...]

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NZ Mortgage Rate Update November 2010

By: Squirrel | 2010 December 3

NZ Mortgage Rate Update – November 2010 When it comes to mortgage rates there are some interesting dynamics at play. The first is overall bank profits. As volume growth has dried up, the banks have looked to increase profits through [...]

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