Exciting times for Aucklands planning

Posted on Friday, December 16 2011

Exciting times for Auckland’s planning.

The Auckland Council, formed from the amalgamation of the region’s 7 former District Councils and the Auckland Regional Council, is part way through possibly the most significant planning and resource management exercise in the region’s history, with the creation of a number of new planning documents and long term Council plans. The key ones for property investors being the Auckland Plan and the Unitary Plan.

Auckland Plan

The Auckland Plan, due for adoption and public release early in 2012, sets out the Council’s aspiration for the region’s growth and spatial development over the next 30 years and encompasses land use management, identification of areas for investigation and key capital projects. The Auckland Plan is accompanied by an Economic Development Strategy, City Centre Master Plan and a Waterfront Master Plan. The emphasis of these Plan’s are for the CBD and city fringe suburbs to be a focus for housing, retail and business growth (supported by the proposed City Rail Link) with significant growth also occurring in 13 identified Development Areas (as shown on the Detailed Development Strategy Map below). The plan targets that 75% of new houses built by 2040 will be within the existing Auckland urban area as defined by the Rural Urban Boundary which is intended to contain urban grown and stop sprawl into rural areas.

Unitary Plan

The Unitary Plan, due to be notified in early 2013, will replace the current 7 District Plans covering the area and the Auckland Regional Council’s Regional Policy Statements to create an overarching regulatory document containing the methods, rules and tools by which the vision of the Auckland Plan will be implemented. The Unitary Plan will be crucial to consider in terms of the effect it will have on the development rights of your property as it will include rules regarding density, lot sizes, height limits, parking, open space requirements and heritage protection. This is the plan that dictates what you can build and where and making sure that you protect the development potential of your land and buildings through engagement with the Council and by making submissions on the draft version of the Unitary Plan will be very important.

The Auckland Plan will give a good indication of the Council’s aspirations for the region and identify where Council will be investing in terms of infrastructure, public facilities and new public transport initiatives, all of which can help guide you on your property investment and development initiatives.

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2012 from the team at Terra Nova Planning!

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