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Posted on Tuesday, August 21 2012

This month the Auckland Council is consulting on a number of new documents which you may be interested in reviewing and commenting on. Details are set out below, as well as some information on how to engage more with the Council to get your views heard.

Proposed Solid Waste Bylaw.
This Bylaw replaces the existing 7 Bylaws of the previous Auckland Council’s to provide a consistent approach across the city. Submissions close on 3 September.

Full details, including how to submit can be found here:

Plan Change 38 – Change to the Schedule of buildings, objects and places of Heritage Significance
This plan change relates to the old North Shore city area and proposes the addition of 86 new buildings, object or places to the Schedule; the deletion of 99 currently scheduled items; and changes to the category or details of 118 currently scheduled items.
This may be of relevance if you have property which has historic value or is near to such a property or place. Sometimes the scheduling of an adjacent house or place can result in restrictions on the development of your property so as to not harm the heritage values. Submissions close 23 August so get in quick.

Details of the Plan Change can be found here:

Draft Takapuna Breach Reserve Management Plan
This Reserve Management Plan has gained a fair amount of press coverage recently due to the proposed closure of the Takapuna Campground (the Plan outlines that the existing lease will not be renewed when it ends next year). This campground has been around since the 1920’s and it is proposed to replace it with a ‘marine hub’ and grassed open space or a ‘marine hub’, grassed area and possibly a campervan/motorhome park. What’s your view??

Auckland Council Consultation Mailing List / Peoples Panel
If you would like to be kept up to date on all the latest Council consultation info you can sign up here:

Joining the Peoples Panel is also a good way to be get your voice heard. This is an email based survey methods with emails sent out quite regularly seeking input on a diverse ever changing range of topics.


As always Terrra Nova are happy to assist you with any submissions you wish to make.



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