Auckland Council – An Area Plans Update

Posted on Monday, June 25 2012

Auckland Council’s Area Plans

Auckland Council’s overall spatial planning framework provides for a suite of complementary plans at different cales, as shown below.


Special Auckland Map




Whilst the non-statutory Auckland Plan will provide the over-arching and highest level spatial development framework for metropolitan Auckland, the non-statutory Area Plans will be more localized, and also in turn identify and prioritize more detailed Local Plans (e.g. Structure Plan, Precinct Plan).

The objectives of an Area Plan are generally to:

• Present a 20-30 year future vision for a Local Board area
• Reflect aspirations and outcomes of Local Board Plans
• Determine what the Auckland Plan means at a legible local scale
• Provide Local Board level resolution of outcomes and strategic directions of the Auckland Plan
• Provide strategic place-based direction for the zones of the Unitary Plan
• Inform the location, sequencing and priority for Local Plans (structure / centre / precinct planning)
• Provide an opportunity to execute co-governance (Governing Body and Local Boards)
• Be a more ‘accessible’ process for community engagement

Now that the Auckland Plan is adopted, Council has embarked on a series of 21 Area Plans, one for each of the Local Board areas, all to be completed by 2016. Council’s prioritization for these Area Plans is:

1. Mangere-Otahuhu
2. Hibiscus and Bays
3. Devonport-Takapuna
4. Henderson-Massey
5. Otara-Papatoetoe
6. Upper Harbour
7. Franklin
8. Manurewa
9. Howick
10. Papakura
11. Kaipatiki
12. Rodney
13. Puketapapa
14. Albert-Eden
15. Orakei
16. Waitemata
17. Whau
18. Maungakiekie-Tamaki
19. Waitakere Ranges
20. Waiheke
21. Great Barrier

The first two of these Area Plans are already well advanced and are expected to be adopted by early 2013, and the next two will commence imminently.

It is important that you participate in the Area Plan process, insofar as it is an opportunity to promote your development aspirations. This is especially the case if those aspirations have not been fully reflected in the Auckland Plan.

We look forward to seeing how the various Area Plans evolve.

Feel free to give us a call on 09 426 7007 if you would like more information on any of the plans discussed above.


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2 Responses to “Auckland Council – An Area Plans Update”

  1. kelvincht says:

    Hi, where can we get those information? are there any links?

  2. MarkBenjaminTNP says:


    Further information can be found on the Auckland Council website here –

    You can register to be involved in Council consultation through the following link –

    Feel free to give me a call on 09 426 7007 if you would like us to prepare submissions to the Council on your behalf.


    Mark Benjamin
    Terra Nova Planning

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