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New Zealand Property Development Is Not For The Faint Hearted Real estate development is a good investment for many today, whether it is residential property development or commercial property development. However, successful property development and investment doesn’t come naturally to [...]

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Moving Forward

By: Investor Homes | 2015 January 21

Building a new home may seem irrational after the gut-wrenching earthquake in Christchurch that rocked New Zealand and turned everyday life on its head. In Canterbury, a devastating loss of life was played out amid a shattering of homes, houses [...]

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Conversion of Cross Lease Title to Fee Simple Title

By: Andre Conradie - RPC Land Surveyors | 2013 October 29

Background: Cross Lease and Fee Simple Titles Cross leases were a popular form of “subdivision” going as far back as the late 1960’s. In the earlier cross leases there was often no distinction made between common areas and exclusive covenant [...]

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Development Contributions

By: Andre Conradie - RPC Land Surveyors | 2013 October 2

Development Contributions News For New Zealand There was some good news for developers and home owners building new houses in Tauranga City when Council announced in February 2012 that they were reducing subdivision contributions by up to 40% and development [...]

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Property Limited Titles

By: Andre Conradie - RPC Land Surveyors | 2013 September 17

What You Need To Know About NZ Property Limited Titles   Background Some titles have the wording “Limited as to Parcels” appearing underneath the title heading. This does not mean that the title is defective. It does mean that the [...]

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Auckland Council Unitary Plan – Summary Commentary

By: Terra Nova Planning | 2013 July 18

Auckland Council Unitary Plan – Opportunity For Property Investors   On Friday 15 March 2013, Mayor Len Brown launched the draft of Auckland Council’s Unitary Plan for the Region. This is an informal process at this stage with the Council [...]

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Auckland Property Values – Unitary Plan

By: Property InDepth - Rene McLean | 2013 April 16

Act NOW! Auckland Investors & Property Owners – Preserve Assurance Of Subdivision   Apologies to those in other parts of the country but like the Rugby on Saturday Night, Auckland will be dominating this months article on property valuation. The [...]

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How To Profit From Property With Land Subdivision

By: Hadar Orkibi | 2013 March 12

Part 2 of How To Profit From Property By Land Subdivision.   Land Subdivision Land Subdivision is where land is divided and separate legal title is established for each of the new sections that are created. With subdivision the main [...]

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Can Adding Value and Property Development Make You Money ? How To Profit From Property Part 1. Getting involved in Propety Development and becoming a Propety Developer does not necessarily mean building houses or high-rises and selling them for a [...]

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Auckland Unitary Plan Process Update

By: Terra Nova Planning | 2012 October 19

The Government has recently announced details of how the hearings and decisions on the Auckland Unitary Plan will be dealt with and has confirmed that submitters appeal rights to the Environment Court will be restricted. The current process for new [...]

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Auckland Planning Update – Current Consultations

By: Terra Nova Planning | 2012 August 21

This month the Auckland Council is consulting on a number of new documents which you may be interested in reviewing and commenting on. Details are set out below, as well as some information on how to engage more with the [...]

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Auckland Council – An Area Plans Update

By: Terra Nova Planning | 2012 June 25

Auckland Council’s Area Plans Auckland Council’s overall spatial planning framework provides for a suite of complementary plans at different cales, as shown below.         Whilst the non-statutory Auckland Plan will provide the over-arching and highest level spatial [...]

Auckland Planning Update

By: Terra Nova Planning | 2012 May 22

Auckland Council is continuing to prepare a range of planning documents so this month we thought it would be a good idea to recap on where everything is, give an update on the adopted Spatial Plan and some indications of [...]

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If you are thinking about Property Developing in the next 12 months it may be worth getting your building or resource consent application in before 1 July to take advantage of potential savings contained within the transitional provisions of Auckland [...]

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Ports of Auckland expansion plan raises bigger questions

By: Terra Nova Planning | 2012 February 12

The recent flurry of media attention regarding the potential expansion of the Auckland Port raises some interesting issues around upper North Island long term development planning. As part of the Auckland Spatial, Waterfront and Unitary Plan processes (which our last [...]

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Exciting times for Aucklands planning

By: Terra Nova Planning | 2011 December 16

Exciting times for Auckland’s planning. The Auckland Council, formed from the amalgamation of the region’s 7 former District Councils and the Auckland Regional Council, is part way through possibly the most significant planning and resource management exercise in the region’s [...]

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