The basic facts about easements

Posted on Wednesday, April 22 2015

When buying a property, you may be told that there is an easement registered against the title. An easement is created when a land owner grants another land owner or someone else, such as a services company, the right to do certain things on part or all of their land.

The most common types of easements are rights of way, which allow a neighbour to walk and/or drive over part of the land to provide access between the neighbour’s land and a public road, or the beach.
Services easements allow a neighbour or supply company to transmit power, water, sewage, gas or telephone transmissions through lines or pipes located in a defined part of the land.

The document creating the easement will set out the terms and conditions applying to the easement e.g. who is responsible for repairs, what rights the neighbour or services company has to come onto the land for inspections and repairs, and what obligations they have. Some rights and obligations are also implied into easements by statute.

The rights created by easements can be for a set period of time or they can last forever.

When an easement is registered, it is binding on future owners of the land.

Every easement may be different, and if there is an easement on the title, you should read it to nake sure you understand your rights and obligations. If you have any questions, especially if you are about to buy a property, it is wise to ask your lawyer for advice

Please Note: This information is designed as a general guide only, and should not replace specific legal advice on a particular issue.

Mike Toepfer – Aspiring Law

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