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Buying in the USA Property market

By: admin | 2014 December 2

I Personally started in 2008 researching the US market seeking greater Cashflow than the NZ Market can offer; As a starting point I would recommend anyone who considers buying in the States to learn the lingo and cost involved with [...]

USA Invest close to universities

By: admin | 2014 June 8

Wye investing close to students can be lucrative For many, the idea of investing has come to fruition over the past few years on the back of the economic downturn. Prices that were are now up to 60% lower meaning [...]

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Invest in properties like Warren Buffett (Part 2/2).

By: Property4Prosperity | 2014 March 20

In the first part of this newsletter series, we shared with you some excerpts from Warren Buffett’s 2013 Letter to Shareholders. We ended by saying that we will share with you the key lessons you can take home when investing [...]

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How to invest in properties like Warren Buffett (Part1/2)?

By: Property4Prosperity | 2014 March 11

Many know Warren Buffett as the world’s greatest stock market investor. Every year, since 1965, he has been writing infamous annual letters to shareholders of his company, Berkshire Hathaway. His letters would include information about Berkshire’s business fundamentals such as [...]

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Transferring money From or To New Zealand?? Read on how to Minimize Risk with foreign money rates when doing an Overseas funds transfer and using different currencies. The Property Investors Network has members from around the Globe, you can find [...]

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Toe in the water not an option in the USA

By: Dean Letfus | 2013 September 30

  We are so used to investment property costing 6 figures that we generally think about buying 1 or 2 houses and eventually getting up to maybe 4 or 5 knowing that even that many houses will involve over a [...]

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One thing that affects anyone who has money and what you need to know

By: Property4Prosperity | 2013 September 15

What is the one thing that monetarily affects everyone? It is interest rate. Under the current banking system, central banks around the world manipulate the cost of money (interest rate) in their countries. The US Central Bank (or the Federal [...]

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Time for USA Investors To Back Down?

By: Property4Prosperity | 2013 September 2

Time for Investors to Back Down as Mortgage Rates Rise?   No, Says Property4Prosperity USA Mortgage interest rates went up by over one full percentage point a few months ago, causing several people to worry over the impact on the [...]

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At what age will you be able to retire?

By: Property4Prosperity | 2013 August 22

One of the biggest news in America a couple of days ago (August 20, 2012) was about Apple’s stock price. As you may have heard, Apple’s latest products, including the much anticipated iPhone5 Are driving its share price to an [...]

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Why Most People Prefer to Invest in Turnkey Real Estate?

By: Property4Prosperity | 2013 July 18

America property Investment for New Zealanders   Kiwis are known to prefer to invest in property market as they believe it to be a reliable long term investment. However, with high property prices and low yields, more investors are looking [...]

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Profitable Reasons to Invest in American Property

By: Property4Prosperity | 2013 June 22

 Why New Zealanders Seek USA Property Investments ?   Many people have noticed a growing trend among New Zealanders buying American property, which is an indicator that the Kiwis are on to something. While owning property is a valuable asset [...]

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A week at the desk in Memphis Tennessee

By: Dean Letfus | 2013 June 20

I thought for a change I would tell you some of the things that happen in a typical day in America and just how different it is to home! Even the jargon will throw you. Deed restriction. I was purchasing [...]

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Investing in the USA ~ Update May 2013

By: Dean Letfus | 2013 May 18

USA Real Estate Investment Update.   So we are nearly half way through 2013 believe it or not and the USA is a completely changed market according to some but what is really happening. I have been based here since [...]

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So Cut The Crzp Whats Really Going On In The USA

By: Dean Letfus | 2013 March 17

We hear the success stories from the marketers and the horror stories from the naysayers but what is really going on in the USA market? Why are investors globally going there and what can really go wrong? Well answering that [...]

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Cheap Money for non residents from USA banks no lie

By: Dean Letfus | 2013 February 5

Cheap Money for non residents from USA banks No lie!! When I started researching the USA investment market I thought the “Holy Grail” end game would be to be able to borrow money in the USA from USA banks at [...]

The USA Awakens

By: Dean Letfus | 2012 July 16

On July 12, 2012 the Wall Street Journal printed a story advising that the US housing market had finally turned. We have been seeing specific markets change over the last 6 months and whilst I think the US is a [...]

Today’s global financial system is much more inter-dependent than it has ever been. What started out as the Subprime Crisis in America has turned out to be the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). This resulted in markets crashing all over the [...]

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By: Dean Letfus | 2012 May 18

Property CASH FLOW and INFLATION in the USA This month we enter our third year of providing CASH FLOW solution for investors utilizing US residential property. I get a constant stream of people wanting to know how to “make a [...]

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$150 a week return on a $50,000 house? Unbelievable but true! When I first started looking at the USA as a possible cash flow solution I never expected 3 years later to be trying to sell everything I own to [...]

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