Will Monopoly Lose Its Monopoly To The Realism Board Game

Posted on Wednesday, October 23 2013

As you know, at Property Investors Network, we’re always trying to find ways of helping you build your property portfolio and giving away useful information or tools.

Well, great news! we would like to introduce you to Realism the latest money board game, Realism board game is so good that we can’t help asking Will Monopoly lose its monopoly to Realism?

Testimonials: “Realism is a fun, realistic & relevant game which reflects today’s modern world brilliantly. Totally addictive and highly recommended.” (Della)“Realism is a great fun game to play. Different every time, with so many ways to make your fortune! ” (Matt) “An awesome game, it absolutely kicks Monopoly’s ass!” (Kelly)

An Irishman who has invented a new family board game hopes that it will!

Realism is the brain child of John, a retired IT banking manager from The City of London with 40 years experience. The family board game was conceived in New Zealand, developed in Spain, graphic designed in the UK, made in China and launched at Christmas in the UK and is now being brought to NZ.

John relates… “I was on holiday in Dunedin in 2008 when I played some money-based board games with my friends and the experience helped to re-kindle a love that I had had as a child when I played Monopoly with my family. And an idea that had lain dormant in me was awoken: the desire to invent a new board game, one that would be better than any other on the market. A tall order you might think, but it is my experience that if you are determined enough and apply yourself any goal is achievable. I went back to my home in Spain and set about the task.”

The result is a topical relevant sophisticated game which is easy to play at the basic level with a subtle form of competition where unlike other money games, winners do not succeed at the expense of other players, so everyone can enjoy the game.
The object of the game is to try to become a virtual millionaire by buying property, shares & other assets. The winner is the player with the most net assets when play finishes.This fun-filled game for 2 to 6 players is particularly relevant to these difficult financial times, as it encourages individuals to think more deeply about the financial decisions they make.

The game is aimed at adults and the family with the expectation that children as young as 10 can both enjoy and learn from the Realism experience. Players learn about investment and spot the difference between “good” debt and “bad” debt and while playing they can build up their income with good investments and try to avoid buying costly luxuries.

As John explains… “It’s a traditional style family board game which I would like to think will encourage the kids out of their bedrooms, away from their computers, to sit down and play a game as a family”.


There are currently limited number of Realism Board games available for sale in New Zealnd so for more information and to buy the game visit: www.RealismGame.com

Family Money Board Game

To your financial success,

The team at The Property Investors Network


One Response to “Will Monopoly Lose Its Monopoly To The Realism Board Game”

  1. WBPNZLTD says:

    Great & Fun Money Game for all the Family, very enjoyable indeed. I like the fact that the game covers more investment options then Monopoly and teaches the player how to invest sensibly from young age. Highly recommended.

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