Stop thinking about money

Posted on Sunday, December 29 2013

Stop thinking about money! – It’s the easiest way to make it.


Dwelling, worrying, planning, fretting, pacing, exhausting – these are some of the many words that come to mind when some people think about money too much. You plan, then you plan some more, then you think about hypothetical situations, then perhaps you rehash the idea, then you think about it some more – meanwhile, you make no money.

People have a lot of ideas, in fact, everyone has ideas. Everyone has thoughts about money, and what it would take for them to live off internet income, or doing what they love while making money. They calculate how much it would take if they decided to do it… then they recalculate, and think about it some more, meanwhile doing nothing.

Take all your ideas, write them down on a sheet of paper, pick one and commit to it, then stop thinking about it and start doing it! Your self conscious mind will take over with plenty more ideas as you go, but thinking about money will not bring you money alone, it requires action as well. If you get more great ideas, simply write them down and continue on without dwelling on what if’s and wondering if it’s possible.

There is no magic pill for making money. It takes time, focus, discipline, knowledge and most importantly action.

• Get a second job
• Start a business
• Go to night school
• Do some research
• Talk to friends about your ideas
• Start studying
• Apply for higher paying jobs
• Read about how to make money
• Attend events

Stop thinking about that next step, take it and instead start acting in a direction that will teach you as you go. Your dreams and passions will not come true just by you thinking about them, so stop thinking, and take some action!

By Lisa Dudson

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