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Posted on Monday, September 16 2013

Money & Property Board Game


As a successful property investor you already know that investing can be great fun, but can you get the kids interested? Times are hard economically all over the world and we can’t open the paper without reading about yet another Euro debt write off or another IMF bailout. So in these difficult financial times, when we are all being told that things are going to be economically hard for at least a generation, you owe it to your kids to ensure that they get a good feel for how to make money from investments and as they say – it’s never too early to start.

There is little doubt that good secure well paid jobs are fast becoming a thing of the past. A degree counts for nothing if everyone has one. A simple way to give your kids a taste for money making may well be a board game that all the family can play.
There are money-based board games on the market that you might think would give children a taste for investing. An example is Monopoly, which is 75 years old and was originally designed to show that Capitalism wouldn’t work. To a certain extent it demonstrates that very well, because as soon as one player starts to dominate the game and owns most of the properties, the other players start to lose interest. Or there’s The Game of Life which is 50 years old and concentrates on the importance of getting a good education for success in life. It is of course important that your children do well at school and university, but it is doubly important in these difficult times that they are also financially savvy.

Well you may be interested to know that now there’s a really enjoyable way that you can introduce financial awareness in a fun way through a new money-based game called Realism. This easy to play game for 2 to 6 players is particularly relevant, as it encourages individuals to think more deeply about the financial decisions they make.

You can start to experience Realism NOW by CLICKING HERE and visiting the website.

This new board game aimed at adults and the family has just come on the market in New Zealand. It is designed for adults, but is suitable for the over 10’s and designed to get the kids away from their computers so they can sit down as a family and play a traditional style board game. There are no batteries, DVDs or other gizmos. Playing a board game together as a family, especially one that is designed to educate as well as to entertain is an excellent way for families to bond.

Realism lets you enter the unpredictable world of speculation and business deals. Helps challenge young minds as they attempt to build business empires and realise the consequences of their financial decisions. All the family can enjoy the many roles that Realism offers them as financial uncertainty chimes with the times! The object of the game is to try to become a virtual millionaire by buying property, shares & other assets. The winner is the player with the most net assets when play finishes.

It’s a sophisticated game which is easy to play at the basic level with a subtle form of competition where winners do not succeed at the expense of other players, so everyone can make their fortune and enjoy the game. So don’t delay, have a look at our web site and buy Realism for you and your family today.

More details on the company web site www.RealismGame.com .

Family Money Board Game

To your financial success,

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