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Commercial Perspective

By: admin | 2015 August 13

As we move through the winter of 2011, there is clear evidence that we have experienced the bottom of the cycle as far as commercial property is concerned. Research from CBRE shows that 2012 will see an economic rebound based [...]

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Lessons from Christchurch

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2015 January 8

It’s a bad storm that has no silver lining and the Christchurch earthquake is no exception. Quite apart from the sudden and unprecedented demand for space outside of the CBD to replace the affected buildings, commercial owners elsewhere are learning [...]

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Why Invest in Commercial Property

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2014 September 2

I am frequently asked “Why should people invest in commercial property as opposed to residential?” After all, most people understand the nature of residential property as they either own their own home or are renting. It is easier to find [...]

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Commercial Property NZ – How To Find The Deals

By: Hadar Orkibi | 2014 June 24

What you need to know about NZ Commercial property before you buy!   Commercial property in New Zealand has become a popular choice for local and international investors today. The right property investment can offer rental income as well as [...]

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Introducing Pacific Property Fund Limited

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2014 May 6

A new, unlisted commercial property fund, Pacific Property Fund (Pacific Property, has just been launched, offering investors the opportunity to invest in a brand new industrial building on Truman Lane in Mount Maunganui that is newly built generic warehouse [...]

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Getting into commercial property

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2014 February 14

Investing In Commercial Property   The simplest form of ownership is direct ownership where an individual or family trust owns the property in its own name. The advantages are that you obviously have complete control over the process in terms [...]

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2013 Recovery In Commercial Real Estate

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2013 March 11

2013 To Strengthen The Commercial Property Investment Sector The activity which we saw in the last quarter of 2012 has carried through into the first quarter of 2013. The Auckland residential market is overheated on the back of a number [...]

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Signs Of Life In The Commercial Property Sector

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2012 November 27

As we approach the end of another fairly difficult year, there are signs that the commercial property sector may finally be turning a corner. At a recent Bayleys auction in Auckland, six tenanted retail properties sold at yields of below [...]

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Commercial Property-Mid Year Review

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2012 July 4

As we head into the winter months, the term which would seem to sum up the commercial property market is patchy. There are certainly encouraging signs in certain sectors and in certain centres (Auckland is noticeably to the fore again), [...]

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2012 Year to June

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2012 June 28

As we approach the mid-point of 2012, it is timely to reflect upon what has happened over the first half of the year and what the balance of the year possibly holds in store. While there unquestionably has been some [...]

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Encouraging Signs for Commercial Property Investment

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2012 March 20

Commercial Property Investment In 2012 As we move towards the second quarter of 2012, we are starting to see some really encouraging signs within the industry. The industrial sector has been leading the way since last year and shows no [...]

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The Year Ahead for Commercial Property Investment

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2012 February 10

As we move into 2012, the prevailing sentiment as far as the Commercial Property sector goes, is that we are starting to enter into recovery mode. We have definitely reached the bottom of the Commercial Property Cycle and are starting [...]

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Depreciation Changes for Commercial Properties

By: Thorne Accounting | 2011 December 9

Summary (1) For commercial buildings, assets listed under the “Building Fit-out” depreciation category may still be separately depreciated (2) Separating the fit-out cannot be done retrospectively (3) A fit-out pool of 15% of the buildings tax value can be created [...]

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BAD NEWS The Self-fulfilling Prophecy

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2011 December 2

It never ceases to amaze me how things can change so quickly. I wrote only last month on the outlook for next year and how we thought we could see the beginnings of a genuine recovery based upon the levels [...]

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2012 – The Year of Genuine Recovery

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2011 November 11

Anyone involved in the commercial property sector over the last three years will acknowledge that we have been through the most challenging times in living memory. As the global economy collapsed around us in 2008 and many businesses fell into [...]

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The Global Waltz One Step Forward And Two Back

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2011 September 21

It is just as well that we Kiwis are being hugely distracted at the moment by the Rugby World Cup. If it was not the case then we would be getting hopelessly depressed about the economic state of affairs in [...]

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Commercial Comment 9 August 2011

By: admin | 2011 August 9

It seems as though we live in a world where nothing is constant any more apart from the predictability associated with the daily dose of bad news and impending global meltdown either from Mother Nature or the world economy. I [...]

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Commercial Property Know How   If you want to move into property investing, why not consider commercial real estate? There are many benefits in including commercial properties in your property portfolio. Although finding commercial property for sale can be more [...]

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Seek Advise When Venturing To Commercial Property Investing   Investing in commercial properties is very different than putting your money into residential property. Therefore, it takes a different kind of expertise to be successful in this undertaking. There are many [...]

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2011 Market Review

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2011 May 3

Recently the watch dog of the global economy, the International monetary fund, maintained its projection of a 4.4% expansion of the world economy in 2011.In so doing, they downgraded the New Zealand forecast on the back of the Christchurch earthquake [...]

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