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Valuit aims to stay the market leader in depreciation apportionments and educate investors and accountants in this specialist area, as many investors are not fully aware of the potential benefits.

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Chattels Depreciation The Basics

By: Valu It | 2014 February 25

As you have an interest in property investment you may have heard the term “Chattels Valuation”. This article will cover the basics of depreciation and future articles will cover the changes that have taken place in recent times.

Before we begin lets clarify the term “Chattels Valuation”. I prefer to refer to it as a “Depreciation Apportionment” as what we are actually required to do by IRD is apportion the purchase price of your property into the various components and depreciation categories, this includes the land and buildings not just the chattels.

There are 3 main advantages that are marketed.

1. Maximise

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Depreciation – now every reason to claim and no reason not to!

Over recent years a couple of things have held many investors back from claiming their full depreciation entitlement, and accountants from recommending it.

1. Uncertainty over what IRD would allow to be separated from the building such as electrical wiring and plumbing AND

2. The thought of having to repay a majority of the depreciation through depreciation recovery when selling.
BUT these two hurdles have been removed leaving very little downside to claiming your full depreciation entitlement.

Recent Changes summarised:

Budget – May 2010

As was widely forecast the Government removed the

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