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Chayot Ing-aram

Chayot is the co-founder of Property4Prosperity, Inc. He lives and breathes property investing. He received his BBS with Honours and Master in Finance from Massey University. He has been featured in one of New Zealand’s bestselling property investing books, interviewed in New Zealand Property Investor Magazine, and worked in the Committee for the local Property Investors' Association. He is currently residing in L.A., California, where Property4Prosperity, Inc.’s headquarter is located.

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Articles By Chayot Ing-aram

Invest in properties like Warren Buffett (Part 2/2).

By: Property4Prosperity | 2014 March 20

In the first part of this newsletter series, we shared with you some excerpts from Warren Buffett’s 2013 Letter to Shareholders. We ended by saying that we will share with you the key lessons you can take home when investing in real estate.

So, what lessons did we pick up from analyzing Buffett’s two investment properties?

Lesson # 1 – Keep it simple, silly (KISS).
For one, he bought these properties after the economic bubble popped. While fear paralyzed other investors, Buffett took advantage of this special situation and bought cash flow properties. Property investing is quite simple and Buffett chose not

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How to invest in properties like Warren Buffett (Part1/2)?

By: Property4Prosperity | 2014 March 11

Many know Warren Buffett as the world’s greatest stock market investor. Every year, since 1965, he has been writing infamous annual letters to shareholders of his company, Berkshire Hathaway. His letters would include information about Berkshire’s business fundamentals such as its earnings, profits, etc. He also likes to dedicate a few pages to educate his shareholders on how to become a better investor. The 2013 Letter to Shareholders was just published on March 1st and can be obtained from his website at

This year’s lessons are special for Property4Prosperity because Buffett wrote about his property holdings, which is a

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What is the one thing that monetarily affects everyone?

It is interest rate. Under the current banking system, central banks around the world manipulate the cost of money (interest rate) in their countries.
The US Central Bank (or the Federal Reserve Bank), however, is the single most influential central bank compared to anywhere else in the world. And their decision to keep interest rates low will have a major impact on every New Zealander, whether or not you invest in properties. This because the interest rates will majorly influence the consumer’s decision to save, invest, or borrow.

Part of the wholesale financing

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Time for USA Investors To Back Down?

By: Property4Prosperity | 2013 September 2

Time for Investors to Back Down as Mortgage Rates Rise?


No, Says Property4Prosperity

USA Mortgage interest rates went up by over one full percentage point a few months ago, causing several people to worry over the impact on the housing recovery. Many were speculating that prices would fall again as buying with a higher interest rate made home ownership less attractive. However, according to Fannie Mae, these fears are unfounded based on historical data.

For example, interest rates were on the rise in the mid 1990’s, hovering around and above 9%. At that time, home prices stopped rising, then fell by a

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At what age will you be able to retire?

By: Property4Prosperity | 2013 August 22

One of the biggest news in America a couple of days ago (August 20, 2012) was about Apple’s stock price. As you may have heard, Apple’s latest products, including the much anticipated iPhone5 Are driving its share price to an all time high. As it can be seen, the good thing about the stock market is that it is semi-efficient, meaning any new publicly available information consequently results in an almost immediate stock price adjustment.

The stock market is very liquid and it has a lot of movement throughout the day. I recently read about Robert Kiyosaki’s advice on his

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Over here at Property4Prosperity, Inc., we’ve discovered a hidden gem in the United States property market, and we’re looking to share it with our overseas investors in New Zealand, Australia, and elsewhere. While Memphis, Tennessee has been an exceptionally profitable area for many of our clients, we’ve experienced firsthand the benefits of investing in Atlanta, Georgia, and now we want to encourage our clients to do the same.

Diversifying into Atlanta is a smart move; many of our current Kiwi and Australian investors are heavily entrenched in Memphis at the moment, which has proven a profitable move for virtually everyone.

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Investing in property abroad can seem like a daunting idea. Investors might not even physically see the property they put their money into, and may start to feel that the risks outweigh the rewards. At Property4Prosperity Inc., we understand the reservations investors from New Zealand, Australia, and elsewhere feel towards the United States real estate market, which is why we offer additional security with special programs like our one-year rent guarantee.

When investors purchase a turnkey property in America through Property4Prosperity and become landlords, they are covered in virtually any circumstance that causes a loss of rental income from their

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Why Most People Prefer to Invest in Turnkey Real Estate?

By: Property4Prosperity | 2013 July 18

America property Investment for New Zealanders


Kiwis are known to prefer to invest in property market as they believe it to be a reliable long term investment. However, with high property prices and low yields, more investors are looking abroad for better investment opportunities, such as in the States. The U.S. market is right at the bottom and the timing is perfect to get in today for great cash flow properties, while the market is beginning its recovery phase. The problem is, it is near impossible to be hands on with the investments located on the other side of the

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Profitable Reasons to Invest in American Property

By: Property4Prosperity | 2013 June 22

 Why New Zealanders Seek USA Property Investments ?


Many people have noticed a growing trend among New Zealanders buying American property, which is an indicator that the Kiwis are on to something. While owning property is a valuable asset to have nowadays, there are many reasons behind this trend of New Zealanders buying U.S. properties. If you are wondering what you are missing out on, here are a few keys that will help to clarify the reasons behind this growing trend.

Cheapest Real Estate Available
Currently, American real estate investments are considered to be among the cheapest ones that a potential investor

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Today’s global financial system is much more inter-dependent than it has ever been. What started out as the Subprime Crisis in America has turned out to be the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). This resulted in markets crashing all over the world. In order to save the global financial system from total mayhem, the US government justified bailing out large American banks. And now, here comes the latest European Sovereign Debt Crisis (ESDS). With the ESDS, we have seen troubled European countries like Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain (given nickname, the PIIGS) needing bail outs. Ultimately, this is to

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