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Brought to you by Property Managers Ltd: Pacific Property has been formed with the aim of building, over time, a diversified portfolio of Industrial, Retail and Commercial properties to provide strong sustainable returns to investors which will be managed by experienced property manager, Property Managers Limited (PML). The directors of Pacific Property Fund are Denis McMahon and Philip Tushingham, who together have over 45 years of experience in investing in, and managing commercial properties. “Pacific Property presents an opportunity for investors to invest in a brand new quality industrial building in Mount Maunganui and to join us as we build a quality commercial property portfolio diversified both geographically and across industrial, retail, and commercial assets.”

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Articles By Denis McMahon

Introducing Pacific Property Fund Limited

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2014 May 6

A new, unlisted commercial property fund, Pacific Property Fund (Pacific Property, has just been launched, offering investors the opportunity to invest in a brand new industrial building on Truman Lane in Mount Maunganui that is newly built generic warehouse to be occupied by Tui Products Limited on a 20 year lease.

The first public offering took place via a Prospectus and Investment Statement in December 2013. The offer was fully subscribed and closed on 28 March 2014. Pacific Property settled the property on 18th April 2014 and is offering a target yield of 7% per annum.


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2013 Recovery In Commercial Real Estate

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2013 March 11

2013 To Strengthen The Commercial Property Investment Sector

The activity which we saw in the last quarter of 2012 has carried through into the first quarter of 2013.

The Auckland residential market is overheated on the back of a number of factors including demand from immigrants and low interest rates and the confidence which this engenders is flowing through into retail spend.

There is no doubt that Auckland is seen as the engine for growth which is driving a revival of business confidence.

This confidence finds expression in tenants seeking out new premises and the creation of new businesses requiring space. Vacancy rates

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Signs Of Life In The Commercial Property Sector

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2012 November 27

As we approach the end of another fairly difficult year, there are signs that the commercial property sector may finally be turning a corner.

At a recent Bayleys auction in Auckland, six tenanted retail properties sold at yields of below 7%. The Turners and Growers Building in Mount Wellington has just sold at a yield of 7.3% whilst, locally, the property with Bridgestone tyres as a tenant in Mount Maunganui was sold by Bayleys at a yield of 7%.

On the bigger transaction front, there has been some very significant transactions with the sale of the Call Plus Business Centre at

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Commercial Property-Mid Year Review

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2012 July 4

As we head into the winter months, the term which would seem to sum up the commercial property market is patchy.
There are certainly encouraging signs in certain sectors and in certain centres (Auckland is noticeably to the fore again), but there is no sense of an overall recovery taking place.
Landlords are still having to offer significant incentives to attract new tenants. Overall, the figures suggest that vacancy levels are stabilising throughout the country and this is long overdue.

Rent reversion has been a feature of the market since 2008, with landlords being prepared to lower contract rentals to either retain

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2012 Year to June

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2012 June 28

As we approach the mid-point of 2012, it is timely to reflect upon what has happened over the first half of the year and what the balance of the year possibly holds in store.
While there unquestionably has been some balance restored to the commercial property sector, it is still a brittle landscape out there.

Yes, we have seen some confidence come back into the market particularly in Auckland, where investors are once again showing interest in the sector with some large deals occurring and, equally, good activity at the lower value end of the spectrum. Examples include the sale of

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Encouraging Signs for Commercial Property Investment

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2012 March 20

Commercial Property Investment In 2012

As we move towards the second quarter of 2012, we are starting to see some really encouraging signs within the industry. The industrial sector has been leading the way since last year and shows no evidence of letting up.

Enquiry for good industrial space in the likes of Auckland is picking up with many tenants finally deciding that 2012 may be the year to reposition themselves for the future upturn. It makes business sense to do this when things are perhaps a bit slower and there are still some really good leasing deals out there.

Once we

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The Year Ahead for Commercial Property Investment

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2012 February 10

As we move into 2012, the prevailing sentiment as far as the Commercial Property sector goes, is that we are starting to enter into recovery mode.

We have definitely reached the bottom of the Commercial Property Cycle and are starting to see signs of life again. The general level of enquiry for vacant space has picked up right across the board as Tenants realise that this is the perfect time to reposition themselves for the upswing when it comes – and it will.

There is nothing new in what has happened even over the last four years as far as the

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BAD NEWS The Self-fulfilling Prophecy

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2011 December 2

It never ceases to amaze me how things can change so quickly.

I wrote only last month on the outlook for next year and how we thought we could see the beginnings of a genuine recovery based upon the levels of leasing enquiry.

Since then, the New Zealand institute of economic research has come out saying that a rapidly worsening global economy will depress New Zealand’s fledgling recovery and keep interest rates on hold until 2013.

The institute’s latest quarterly predictions slash the growth forecast for next year to 1.5% from 2.6% in September. It sees a rising risk of Global recession

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2012 – The Year of Genuine Recovery

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2011 November 11

Anyone involved in the commercial property sector over the last three years will acknowledge that we have been through the most challenging times in living memory.

As the global economy collapsed around us in 2008 and many businesses fell into receivership, building owners were left facing rapidly rising vacancy levels and rentals declining. Those with debt on their properties and who lost tenants fell into the tender clutches of the “debt recovery units” of their bank. This inevitably resulted in a forced sale and a very sorry state of affairs for all concerned.

Whilst there is no doubt that we have

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2011 Market Review

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2011 May 3

Recently the watch dog of the global economy, the International monetary fund, maintained its projection of a 4.4% expansion of the world economy in 2011.In so doing, they downgraded the New Zealand forecast on the back of the Christchurch earthquake to just 0.9% this year but jumping to 4.1% next year.
The commodity boom continues unabated and Auckland has seen a resurgence in its residential property market. In fact, some commentators are predicting Auckland to be growing at between 3% and 3.5% by the end of the year. Growth over the full year in Auckland could average 2.5% with 1.5%

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