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Matt Thorburn

CT Financial Design is a boutique Brokerage specialising in mortgage solutions for Investors. Founded by successful investors & borne out of a passion for funding property investment, we focus on working with a smaller group of clientele, ensuring you receive personally tailored advice every time without compromise in expertise or professionalism.

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Articles By Matt Thorburn

Wholesale Money For Property Investors

By: Matt Thorburn | 2013 June 27

 Would NZ Interest Rate Go Up?


There has been much in the news lately regarding interest rates & bank lending criteria, it can be understood why many who do not follow the markets simply run with the herd or do what their bank manager instructs them to do. Westpac will soon to follow in ASBs lead by increasing interest rates citing wholesale rates “increasing significantly over the last four weeks” It almost seems imminent that our other major lenders will shortly follow suit. Some get caught up in the media hype of increasing rates, OCR announcements & housing affordability, many

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Christmas treats for property investors

By: Matt Thorburn | 2012 December 17

Christmas is always an interesting time of the year for property investment, while most of the country winds down some savvy investors are gearing up for prime bargain hunting. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed buying property over the holiday season; fewer buyers combined with increased consumer expenditure can come together creating some ideal situations for purchasing.
Not that many seasons ago I bought a house 34% under value purely because everyone was on holiday, there were no buyers available for the style of property on offer & the liquidators needed to move it yesterday.

Agents are telling me however they expect it

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Financial Design For Property Investors

By: Matt Thorburn | 2012 August 22

So what makes a property investor successful?

Many say negotiation skills, some say market expertise, success can be many varying things to many different people. However, at the end of the day, your access to funding is the one key ingredient that cannot be overlooked.
Funding is principally the vessel which will allow you to either travel on along the highway to success or be the same vessel that sees you sitting on the sidelines watching as others achieve what you desire. Yes, funding is essential to get you where you need to go. There are so many more factors to

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