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Hadar is a full time Property Investor and Trader, Specialising in Do-ups & Add value, Multiple income properties, High Yielding, Commercial, Equity and "Move Forward" Properties. Hadar is co-owner and Sales & Marketing Mangers at Owner of the Private House Buyers companies & Find Hadar on Google+

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Property Investment Tips

By: Hadar Orkibi | 2016 May 7

This is my 20c worth of Tips:

1. Traders Hot Tip: Have good relationship with the professional on your team: you’re Solicitor, Accountant, Mortgage broker and Valuer especially. Also it is important to have good relationship with a good property manager who knows the areas you target. This property manager can advice you about achievable rents and the current rental demeaned and level for that particular area and type of property. The occasion lunch a bottle of wine when you receive extra attention can go long way.

2. Always, like the team at buy houses which you

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Its is noticeable to anyone who is active in the Auckland property market that the median house price is getting closer and closer to One Million Dollar. Now days a 2 bedroom unit in Central Auckland are selling upwards of $500,000 while 3 Bedroom average houses out west or south Auckland are selling between say 570k-750k. not to mention new build are well over $800,000.

Rents vs Capital Growth

Rents are raising in Auckland at reasonable rate considering what people can afford but are lagging well behind asset price appreciation, The gap between rental return and the Real Estate purchase cost

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New Zealand Rental Property Market, Why Is It So Attractive?

If you are considering New Zealand investment property, you are in good company. Many savvy investors are heading to this country today to capitalize on a capital growth and some very attractive real estate. You can choose from commercial blocks of land, or residential properties for flipping or renting. This article will provide four benefits you enjoy when you put money into investment property NZ. At the end of the article, we will give you the name of a well known property finder and buyers agents in New Zealand who

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The Experts in new Zealand Property Investment

By: Hadar Orkibi | 2016 February 21

Seek Expert Advice When Investing in NZ Real Estate

If you are interested in New Zealand property investment, you need a property finder. Finding New Zealand house for sale might not seem like a big deal when you see many listing available on the Internet. However, it is one thing to find a home for sale and quite another to determine if that daily property will make you a good return. Before you begin investing property, find out what benefits you can enjoy from working with a Buyers Agent as your Property Finder. We

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Property Valuation Services – Who To Use?

By: Hadar Orkibi | 2015 November 1

Obtaining The Service of a Registered Property Valuer – Good Call


There are many reasons why you might need property valuation services in New Zealand. Whether you are buying or selling property, property valuations are essential to ensure the property is priced right to sell fast. There are many property valuers advertising their services in Auckland, Wellington and other areas of New Zealand. This article will give you four reasons you might need to hire the services of registered property valuers in New Zealand and the name of a company that can offer you additional information about real estate valuation.


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Property Investment Education – How About Property Mentors?

If you want to begin property investing in New Zealand, a Property Mentor is essential. These professionals work strictly with and for the Investor to help them identify and set-up a wealth creation plan via a suitable real estate investment strategy that will suite their needs. A property Mentor like Hadar and the Team from can save you from a costly mistake, time and money by showing you a sound real estate investment strategies for meeting your property investment goals. This article will

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N.Z Capital City Offer Good Returns For Property Investors


If you are on the hunt for New Zealand investment property, Wellington is one of the best places to look. Wellington properties offer a stable investment, since the capital city doesn’t always see the dramatic rises and falls in the real estate market that other New Zealand areas might. This article will offer tips on how to find the best Wellington real estate for sale. We will also give you the name of a Wellington property finder who can help you find the bargains in this city.

New Zealand Wellington property offers

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What you need to know about NZ Commercial property before you buy!


Commercial property in New Zealand has become a popular choice for local and international investors today. The right property investment can offer rental income as well as a windfall when you decide to sell your property. Many investors like the commercial property investment market because the tenants tend to be more dependable and the rental income offers a higher net returns. This article will provide factors to consider when shopping for NZ commercial property. At the end of the article we will give you the name of a

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Building inspection – what you need to know


When you get into the property investment game, you find yourself working with building inspectors on a somewhat regular basis. A pre-purchase building inspection is essential to ensure the property you purchase won’t end up costing you more than it is worth. Whether you are purchasing residential, commercial or rural real estate, a building inspection report is an essential part of the process. This article will provide four things to look for in home inspection services. We will also give you the name of a company that can help you find the

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When you decide to make an Auckland property investment, you want to use your money as wisely as possible. This means finding a New Zealand property investment that will bring you the greatest possible return. You may use the property for rental income, or go for the windfall through house flipping or adding value. This article will give you four tips for making the most out of any property investment in Auckland. At the end of the article, we will give you the name of a company that can help you find success with your New Zealand real estate

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Going into negotiation is like playing a game of chess.

As an Investors starting point ideally you want to be a cash buyer or as second best pre-approved.
First you need to know your criteria and price range and understand your pre-approval conditions if you have any.

If you are a cash buyer or have a strong pre-approval it is best to carry out your Due Diligence first and then move in with a cash unconditional offer with deposit attached at 10%. This is the strategy I would use if there is an agent involved, then the deposit would be payable to

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Why Property Investment Works For You

By: Hadar Orkibi | 2013 July 17

Property Investment Basics For Any Budding Investor

Property Investment as a form of wealth creation definately works and there are many good reasons to own Real Estate anywhere. First, property is a tangible asset. It can be just the land itself or it can be a combination of land plus Dwelling in the form of Brick-and-Mortar, Weatherboard or any structure which has the potential to generate income, appreciate in value by capital growth or by adding value. Whether it has buildings or not, it is easy to add value by subdividing an existing section or dwelling, increasing the rental income,

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Add More Zeros To Your Property Investing

By: Hadar Orkibi | 2013 July 16

How To Successfully Add More Zeros To Your Bottom Line


Last year I attended the New Zealand Property Investors Federation Annual Conference in Hamilton. The main speaker there was Brad Sugars who is an Action International coach, a successful businessman and property investor.

One of the topics that Brad covered which left me thinking was the subject of setting goals and making an action plan for achieving them. After all, most property investors often think “how can I grow my portfolio or make it more profitable,” – or as Brad Sugars put it “add more zeros to your bottom line”.

So with

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Part 3 -What Is Your Exit Plan, Or Strategic Withdrawal ?


In this article i would like to cover few strategies for capitalizing on the profit you make when successfully investing or developing Real Estate. Sometime in business things don’t go to plan and strategic withdrawal to minimize losses is the right thing to do.

Develop & Sell your property, or project to realize the profit as hard earned cash.
Trading properties as a developer or renovator is a full time business and as mentioned previously can be lucrative if done correctly.

Considering that for many investors the goal is to accumulate wealth,

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Part 2 of How To Profit From Property By Land Subdivision.


Land Subdivision

Land Subdivision is where land is divided and separate legal title is established for each of the new sections that are created.

With subdivision the main add value and profit opportunity is in the land, so in general the bigger the land the bigger the potential. But the size of the land is not all that matter, it is the Zoning and land terrain that would influence the profitability and the possibilities for subdivision.

As example is having a 10 acre block of rural land out in the country may

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Finding Great Property Investment Deals In Every Market-Can It Be Done ?

Buying an investment property that ticks all boxes at a bargain price when the numbers stack up is not as simple as one would think.

In this article I will touch on the basic requirements for you to successfully find a great property investment deal, maximising the opportunity by applying the right strategy at the right time in the property cycle.

Strategies For Buying Properties in the Downturn and Slump Phase

“Be greedy when others are fearful…” – Warren Buffett

Mortgagee and Forced Sales: In the economic downturn there are

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Can Adding Value and Property Development Make You Money ?

How To Profit From Property Part 1.

Getting involved in Propety Development and becoming a Propety Developer does not necessarily mean building houses or high-rises and selling them for a profit, there are many Property Investors who develop their properties, add value and never sell.

In this article we will cover various aspects and strategies for property developing no matter whether your strategy is buy & hold, or adding value to on-sell for profit.

Note: For the purpose of this article we will categorise two type of property developers; the Investor who adds

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Property Investment Advice 101- The Basics

Purchasing any kind of property is a complex process and before undertaking it, one should make a solid plan and seek out Property Investment advice only from seasoned Property investors who have made all the mistakes in the book before. Your Property Investment strategy should start even before the “looking phase” so that time is not wasted looking at properties which will not fit the plan. It’s vitally important to know the following before even looking at property to buy:
• What are your investment goals?
• What strategy do you have in place for achieving

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Property Genie Has Officially Opened Their Doors

By: Hadar Orkibi | 2012 September 24

New Business Directory and SEO Service


Property Genie is a site created for all things property in New Zealand.
Property Genie has officially opened their doors on September 1 of 2012. Property Genie is a good business directory for all things property. Whether you’re a homeowner or a property investor, The Property Genie provides you with details on property service providers all over New Zealand.

Since the official opening, many individuals are excited to learn more about Property Genie. During their research, they are going to find that

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What is happening with the Current NZ Property Market

Back in January 2011 I asked the question “Is this the optimum time to be buying property investment?

I mentioned that I don’t have a crystal ball, but what I can share with you is my personal view about what I see happening in the current market.

So, to start with, unfortunately no one could have predicted the devastating earthquake that struck Christchurch on 22 February 2011 and shook the economy and shocked most of New Zealand.

The Christchurch property market is recovering, especially the suburbs at the west, north, and

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Hi Team,

I hope you all had a great Holiday and New Year, and have enjoyed having some time off.

If you are like me and like the team at We Buy Property who buy houses in every market, real property investment enthusiasts you would be setting your goals and strategies for 2011.
For me 2011 is a year to look forward to and not only due to the Rugby world cup, but a year of great property opportunities.
I’m personally planning to further expand my property portfolio and take advantage of the current time.

As you know

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Hi Team,

I have put together a list of questions to ask a prospective property manager, if you are considering hiring one.
If you, like me, own properties in various parts of New Zealand or the world, then Property managers are essential for keeping the portfolio professionally managed with maximum returns.

Ha, and lets not forget, if just like me you would rather chase the deal then the tenants or maintenance.


New Zealand Property Management


I hope you will find this helpful:

Questions to ask a Property Manager before you

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Hi Team,

I recently notice an increasing number of client who team up with fellow investors to create a Joint Venture, this enable all parties to pursue their financial goals. This encourage me to write few words about Joint Venture.

As a property trader I come across quite a few clients who use joint venture to achieve their real estate goals.
JV is very common in today’s market when finance is harder to obtain, many investors have issues with lack of income or deposit.

The key for investors who are interested in doing JVs is to find a partner who has what you

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