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All Ways Property Management is a company founded by Richard and Maxine Gardner in April 2009. Servicing the Manawatu – Palmerston North, Feilding, Ashurst, Aokautere And the Tararua region – Pahiatua , Woodville. At All Ways Property we believe: Diligent tenant selection, regular inspections, market rent, and high occupancy equal maximum return on your Investment. (This best describes who we are and our focus is in what we do) Find Richard on Google+

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Price and Value in Property Management

By: Richard Gardner - Allways Property Management | 2014 July 2

Warning: If you don’t care about return on investment or about money, then you will have no interest in this.


During an evaluation between different property management options, you may wonder why the difference in price between various companies you’re considering.

Are you looking for the cheapest service or the best value?

After all there are companies that offer their property management services at a very low price, and in many cases the reasons for the lower price are not at all obvious.

• How do you know if a company offering to provide “the best service in Palmerston

Rental Properties Manawatu, Palmerston North

By: Richard Gardner - Allways Property Management | 2014 May 22

Manawatu is a great place to live, work, play and invest in residential property.

According to the 2013, census, in Palmerston North there is just less than 8,000 rental properties occupied and are either privately owned, in a Trust or Business.

In the wider Manawatu region, there are just over 2,500 privately owned rental properties.

Compared to the 2006 census there has been a 10% increase in rented occupied private dwellings in Palmerston North and in the Manawatu District: an increase of 32.1%.

Eighty thousand people live in Palmerston North and 38% of the population rent in Palmerston compared to 35.2% nationally.

According REINZ

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