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Real Estate Investment News To Insure You Ahead Of The Pack.


New Zealand property investors are wise to keep up on real estate investment news before investing in property. The Property market is a constantly evolving market that is based in price trends and the latest that real estate lenders have to offer. Those on the path to real estate riches know the importance of keeping up on the latest real estate market analysis. We will let you know just how important is to keep up with the news is and why a property expert is the right person to

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Property Investment Education & Advice – Learn Form Experience


A new property investor in New Zealand is at a serious disadvantage, particularly property investors who don’t even live in the country. If you are just getting into the property investing game, it is important to learn the tricks of the trade from property investment coach or mentors like the team at who have gone before and learned from personal experience. this article will give you four important basics you can learn from experienced property tutors. At the end of the article, we will give

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Commercial Perspective

By: admin | 2015 August 13

As we move through the winter of 2011, there is clear evidence that we have experienced the bottom of the cycle as far as commercial property is concerned.

Research from CBRE shows that 2012 will see an economic rebound based upon,
– Labour market recovery
– A cyclical rebound in business and trading partner growth
– An element of pent-up demand ready to be unleashed
– Underlying population growth

The economic recovery will have a favourable impact on office markets across the country according to CBRE. In Auckland, both prime and secondary rents appear to have finally stabilised after dropping 21% and 29% respectively from

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Getting Help With Finding Investment Property


When you are on the hunt for investment property in New Zealand, the professionals you choose to work with will make a big difference in the success of your venture. From the property finders that help you find the right property for your needs, to the loan brokers who help you finance it, these property brokers in Auckland and beyond are instrumental in ensuring your property transactions go smoothly and successfully. This article will provide advice on finding the best property brokers in Auckland and elsewhere around the country.

Whether you are looking for managed

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How To Get The Best Property Deals In Auckland?

When you decide to make an Auckland property investment, you want to use your money as wisely as possible. This means finding a New Zealand property investment that will bring you the greatest possible return. You may use the property for rental income, or go for the windfall through house flipping or adding value. This article will give you four tips for making the most out of any property investment in Auckland. At the end of the article, we will give you the name of a company that can help you

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New Zealand Property Development Is Not For The Faint Hearted

Real estate development is a good investment for many today, whether it is residential property development or commercial property development. However, successful property development and investment doesn’t come naturally to all but the savviest investors today. it takes time and plenty of good property development consultancy to learn the tricks of the property investment trade. This article will offer some pointers on successful property investing.

The property investment market can be a confusing one. You will need to learn your way around real estate investment trusts and commercial property valuations. You

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Buying in the USA Property market

By: admin | 2014 December 2

I Personally started in 2008 researching the US market seeking greater Cashflow than the NZ Market can offer; As a starting point I would recommend anyone who considers buying in the States to learn the lingo and cost involved with Buying and selling a property.

In some states a buyer is required to pay Transfer Tax that can add up to thousands of $$ on top of the Purchase price.

One more thing to consider is the closing cost 1%-3% of Purchase price.

It is also important to learn the ZIP codes of the area you wont to invest in as

The Know-How About Investment Property In New Zealand


Many people are discovering extra income by property investing in New Zealand today. However, investing in property isn’t simply finding a piece of real estate for sale and snatching it up. A savvy property investor knows where to shop and what to pay to get the best return on his dollar. This article will give you four factors to consider when shopping for a New Zealand Real Estate investment. At the end of the article we will give you the name of a website that can help you find real estate riches

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Property Investment Forums – All You Need To Know

If you are heading into the New Zealand property investment game, you may join a few property investment forums to learn the tricks of the trade. The people on these forums are in the real estate investment business and should know the ropes, right? Forums are not typically the best way to learn about the property investment market but you can find some great helpful tips. We will give you four facts you will probably never learn from property investment forums. We will also let you know how a property finder

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We’ve just had a tenant buyer exercise their Option to Purchase and buy their home from us. It feels good to know that we have helped this family gain their own home and man are they excited.
We bought the property two and a half years ago from a stressed out vendor for a good price; her kids had kicked holes in the walls as they moved on out and needed a quick sale.

We redecorated the inside, replaced the boundary fence and signed up the tenant buyer at the registered valuation on a three year Lease Option.
When the tenant buyers

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Coastal, Lake Or River Front Properties Is The Kiwi Lifestyle


Finding waterfront property for sale in New Zealand isn’t difficult, but finding commercial property that will make a good investment complicates the process. Many are looking to invest in coastal property New Zealand, but purchasing property for personal use and purchasing waterfront property New Zealand for investment purposes are two very different things. This article will provide tips for choosing lake-front property for sale for investment purposes. We will also tell you about a property finding service that specializes in waterfront property in New Zealand.

When you are shopping for waterfront

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USA Invest close to universities

By: admin | 2014 June 8

Wye investing close to students can be lucrative

For many, the idea of investing has come to fruition over the past few years on the back of the economic downturn. Prices that were are now up to 60% lower meaning investors can capitalise on the low pricing and gain through long term growth.

One area as many of you know professional investors been focusing on over the past few years is the foreclosed markets of the USA, Investing in to the USA from a financial perspective is a very wise decision but not for the newbie investor.

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Cash Flow Property Investment 101


Investors who buy houses in New Zealand must consider a number of factors when buying houses for investment purposes. While some are strictly in the overseas property game to diversify their portfolios, others want to find property with cash flow in mind. Cash flow is important for any investor, whether to provide income or create new investment opportunities. This article will offer four tips on how to buy properties for cash flow purposes. At the end of the article, we will let you know about a company that will help you find the right New

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Smart Investment rules – 4 Ways to start


You want to be a smart investor, but you have never invested in property before. You have certainly never purchased property overseas or research the rental property business in sufficient detail. If you want to run a successful property investing business, you will need expert help through every step of the process. This article will give you four reasons to sign on to this website with a before putting money into investment properties. We will also give you the name of a top property finding buyers agent in New Zealand at the

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Property finder buyers agent is a good choice


If you are looking for a residential investment in New Zealand, you need expert help along the way. Auckland real estate for sale is a popular investment for many out of town and foreigners investors. It is important to work with someone familiar with the New Zealand market, who will find the right property investment for you. This article will offer four advantages to working with Auckland property consultants when shopping for investment real estate. We will also give you the name of a top New Zealand company in this area.

Searching for

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Christchurch Property Investment – Moving A Head


Because Christchurch is a lovely place to live, work and visit, investing in property in Christchurch offers a good return. This city is dubbed the international gateway to the South Island and is home to more than 350,000 residents. Christchurch properties come in a wide range, so you are sure to find the real estate that best meets your property investment needs. This article will give you four reasons why investment and rental property is a good deal in Christchurch. We will also tell you who to call to help you find the

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Auckland apartments investment or Home.

If you are on the hunt for a New Zealand apartment for sale, there are a few things to keep in mind. Apartment investments can offer a good return if you invest in a building that will be popular with renters. This may be easier said than done if you are not familiar with Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown or another New Zealand community you are interested in. this article will give you four factors to consider when you want to buy apartments. We will also let you know of a company that can help you find

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Auckland Council Seeking volunteers for Warranty Of Fitness Test


Throughout February the Auckland council’s Housing Project Office (HPO) is undertaking a field test of a housing “Warrant of Fitness” method. The field test is seen as an important step in determining an appropriate minimum performance level for Auckland’s rental housing and envisages 25 properties being assessed, primarily in South and West Auckland.

The HPO is currently looking for landlords that may be interested in participating. If you know someone who has a rental property and who you believe may be interested in participating then please contact Damon Birchfield on 021 371

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Would Queenstown Stack-up as an investment?


Queenstown property has become a popular choice for investors in recent years for a variety of reasons. the local real estate is a hot commodity for tourists and residents, as this resort city offers some of the best leisure and recreational opportunities in the southern hemisphere. With four distinct seasons, ample Queenstown jobs and unsurpassed views, and you can see why owning a piece of real estate in this unique location is of interest to many investors. This article will provide benefits of investing in property in the lake district and the name of

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Transferring money From or To New Zealand??

Read on how to Minimize Risk with foreign money rates when doing an Overseas funds transfer and using different currencies.

The Property Investors Network has members from around the Globe, you can find out how to minimize risk for FREE by clicking here.

As you know, at Property Investors Network, we’re always trying to find ways of helping you build your property portfolio by suggesting useful information or tools. One of these tools to assist with International transfers is a company called NZForex, they offer much better exchange rates than you get

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As you know, at Property Investors Network, we’re always trying to find ways of helping you build your property portfolio and giving away useful information or tools.

Well, great news! we would like to introduce you to Realism the latest money board game, Realism board game is so good that we can’t help asking Will Monopoly lose its monopoly to Realism?

Testimonials: “Realism is a fun, realistic & relevant game which reflects today’s modern world brilliantly. Totally addictive and highly recommended.” (Della)“Realism is a great fun game to play. Different every time, with so many ways to make your fortune! “

Learn Investing the Easy Way

By: admin | 2013 September 16

Money & Property Board Game


As a successful property investor you already know that investing can be great fun, but can you get the kids interested? Times are hard economically all over the world and we can’t open the paper without reading about yet another Euro debt write off or another IMF bailout. So in these difficult financial times, when we are all being told that things are going to be economically hard for at least a generation, you owe it to your kids to ensure that they get a good feel for how to make money from investments and

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N.Z Property Investors Federation Conference


This year Wellington Property Investors’ Association (WnPIA) is hosting the 24th Annual New Zealand Property Investors Federation Conference in our capital city, Wellington.
It is being held from 27 -29 September in the Rydges Hotel, 35 Featherston Street, Central Wellington. (NOTE: It is NO-LONGER held at the Amora Hotel)      

The conference is for all levels of property investor, from people who are interested in starting to invest to people who already have portfolios of residential and commercial property.

The team secured an exclusive $50 discount per ticket for the full event package.

This year is

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Property Finding Services 101


If you are interested in a New Zealand property investment, a property finder buyers agent is the first person to contact. This experienced professional can save you time and money in your hunt for New Zealand homes for sale. It doesn’t matter if you want investment property in Auckland or commercial property in Wellington; a property finder is there to help you make investing in property a success. This article will give you four reasons to consider a property finder and provide the name of a top New Zealand service for this purpose.

A real estate consultant

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Real Estate Investar Provides Various Tools You Need To Become An Effective Real Estate Investor



By making use of state-of-the-art technologies with a dedicated team of investment property specialists, Real Estate Investar provides a suite of intelligent property investment programs that helps you;

1 Obtain the top real estate ahead of the other property investors

2 Perform detailed research

3 Crunch the numbers

4 Effectively assess their cost by using the most current sale records and ownership information

5. Monitor your property investment portfolio

6. Keep Inform and up-to-date with Real Estate trends


Read on or find out more at

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Property Investment Listing Keep Pressure On Prices


If you are looking for real estate investment listings that will bring an excellent return on your investment, look no further than real estate New Zealand property. This country offers an excellent value on investment property, with relatively low prices with a steady increase in home values. This article will give you four reasons why New Zealand homes for sale are a good buy for investors. We will also give you the name of a popular property finding buyers agent company that can help you find the best investment property for you.

New Zealand

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Property Finders and Buyers Agent Can Assist Investors With Reaching their Investment Goals


Investing in New Zealand property is a great way to bring in a regular income or enjoy a windfall from a property sale. However, before you begin your Auckland property search, it is a good idea to recruit the assistance of a professional property finder or Buyers agent in NZ. These experienced professionals know how to find a property in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch or any other area you are interested in. This article will offer four reasons to choose professional services NZ wide to help you

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Realism is a new Family Board Game which in a fun way helps people to understand the financial ups and downs of life.

The object of the game is to try to become a virtual millionaire by buying property, shares and other assets. The players have jobs and can take out mortgages & insurances.

During play there are personal and market events to cope with. The winner is the player with the most assets when play finishes.

Testimonials from players: “An easy to play game that’s a lot of fun – I really enjoyed it.” (Leona, Auckland NZ); “I love it!

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Property Investment Two Must Read eBooks

By: admin | 2011 October 31

The Team at the Property Investors Network are always working to grow our community by offering premium education and tools to help you succeed as an investor in today’s marketplace.

We are pleased to inform you that we have just added two must-read E-Books which are now available for you to purchase in the Investors Toolkit section of your member’s area OR just by Clicking the Buy Now Button bellow.


PDF file OFFER: Buy E-books 1&2 for ONLY $7.99 NZD


$150 a week return on a $50,000 house? Unbelievable but true!

When I first started looking at the USA as a possible cash flow solution I never expected 3 years later to be trying to sell everything I own to invest more over there.
Investing internationally is inherently scary but not necessarily high risk. I know it took me 2 years to really get my head around the process and the pitfalls.

Today however I have no hesitation. It is a market offering 10 to 20% net returns of sustainable cash flow and it has been my honour to help a number

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Snoway Id buy an apartment

By: admin | 2011 August 19

“Snoway I’d buy an apartment?”

This has been the Mantra of many an investor I have come across – ‘I like to have a piece of dirt’. Why? Do you go around to your rental property to harvest the Taro on a weekly basis? What happened to location, location, location? Being in the centre of one of the world most liveable cities isn’t good enough? Maybe you thought the chances of you buying an apartment were as good as a snowstorm in Queen Street? Could be time to consider it – ‘snow time like the present (sorry – we Aucklanders

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Economic State of Play

By: admin | 2011 August 17

I think the current market is an exciting one for street smart investors. However, a number of enthusiastic lemmings will unwittingly jump off the cliff.

It’s why so many people seem to be prepared to pay good money to attend get rich quick seminars. If only it were that easy!

There are undoubtedly some great buys in this market (and some not so good buys.) An area that I think a lot of people will become unstuck is the renovate and quick flick.

If you don’t know your market it is very easy to get stuck with a property and I’ve noticed

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Commercial Comment 9 August 2011

By: admin | 2011 August 9

It seems as though we live in a world where nothing is constant any more apart from the predictability associated with the daily dose of bad news and impending global meltdown either from Mother Nature or the world economy.

I made the comment some time ago that you cannot simply print the amounts of money which the U.S. and the European Central Bank have been printing without a day of reckoning. That day duly arrived for the U.S. with its downgrading of its credit rating for the first time in history. In Europe, the banks are under capitalised and the

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Auckland North Shore Property Market

The coastal setting, sandy beaches and breathtaking views make this an attractive area for commercial and residential interests alike. The proximity to Auckland Central Business District also offers ample employment opportunities and amenities for residents and visitors alike.

This article will provide four factors to consider when shopping for real estate for sale in the Auckland North Shore. At the end of the article, we will give you the name of a property finding website company that can help you find the perfect piece on North Shore investment property for your portfolio.

North Shore is close to

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How to choose block of flats as an investment property


Finding Property Investment as Block of Flats for sale in New Zealand isn’t difficult, since these buildings are available in just about any NZ city or suburb across the islands.

Blocks of flats were mainly built in New Zealand between the 1950s-1970s as a brick and tile or weatherboard combined dwelling, some have attached garage or detached off parking area. traditionally the flats floor area ranges between 45m2 -50m2 for 1 bedroom plus bathroom unit and 55m2-65m2 for 2 bedroom one bathroom.


investment block
            <div class=

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Commercial Property Know How


If you want to move into property investing, why not consider commercial real estate? There are many benefits in including commercial properties in your property portfolio. Although finding commercial property for sale can be more challenging than locating residential property listings, you may reap the rewards of commercial property investment in many ways. This article will give you four reasons to consider a commercial real estate investment. At the end of the article we will tell you where to go for help with your commercial real estate properties.

One of the best reasons for an investor to

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Seek Advise When Venturing To Commercial Property Investing


Investing in commercial properties is very different than putting your money into residential property. Therefore, it takes a different kind of expertise to be successful in this undertaking. There are many good commercial properties available throughout New Zealand if you know where to look and how to buy. This article will give you four key factors to consider when shopping for commercial real estate. We will also let you know who to contact for help when you are ready to leap into the commercial property investment market.

The entrepreneurial investor eventually moves from

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Look for positive returns on NZ property investment


Investors looking for a residential property investment in New Zealand will not be disappointed. There are many lovely real estate options in this country that offer opportunities for a diversified investment portfolio in commercial, rural and residential properties. However residential property investments can be a complex process. This article will give you four factors to consider when shopping for residential real estate in New Zealand. At the end of this article, we will give you the name of a company that can assist you with all your residential and commercial property needs.


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A Review of Realenz

By: admin | 2011 February 27

Review of


Realenz or is a website that helps buyers and property investors find real estate in New Zealand. The website doesn’t actually offer private sellers the to list their properties for sale as it is the official website of the Real Estate institute of NZ. This website is a good place to start as a property investor, because it helps you get an idea of the types of property for sale in this country, as well as the average pricing in the areas you are interested in. This article will offer a review of Realenz, as well

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Property Management – Make Sue You Get It Right


If you are out of town landlord and purchasing rental property in Auckland, Wellington or Dunedin , the selection of a property management service will be paramount to the success of your investment. There are many management companies available in New Zealand, but not all rental property management firms are created equal. This article will give you four factors to look for in a residential property management company. We will also give you the name of a property finder buyers agent service that can help you find the perfect rental property

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Property For Sale In New Zealand

By: admin | 2011 February 27

Why NZ Property Is So Attractive?

Local and International investors have tuned into the many advantages of shopping for property for sale in New Zealand. Investment property in this country is appealing to many property investors around the globe, particularly in the UK and Australia. When you purchase New Zealand property for sale, you reap a number of benefits that you won’t find from any other country. This article will offer four big advantages of investing in New Zealand real estate. At the end of the article, we will give you the name of a company that can help you

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Auckland Property Investment Has Strong Long Term Fundamentals


Investors from around the globe are flocking to Auckland property for sale because of the many advantages of investing in New Zealand real estate today. while property for sale in Auckland tends to be priced higher than other areas of New Zealand, it is still much less than other countries. This means that if you are an investor from Australia, Asia, the US or UK, you may be happy with the bargains you find in New Zealand Real Estate. This article will offer four tips in finding lucrative investment property in Auckland.

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A Review of Open2View

By: admin | 2011 February 27

Review of NZ Top 10 Real Estate Website

Open2View is an online real estate finding service for New Zealand. This website provides current real estate listings throughout the country, from Auckland to Dunedin and every community in between. When it comes to finding investment property, many turn to online listings to get a feel for pricing and see the types of property that are available. This article will provide a review of Open2View. At the end of the article, we will let you know about a company that can show you how to use online real estate listings to your

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