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Andre Conradie

I have practised as a registered surveyor in South Africa for 18 years before moving to New Zealand in 2000. I have worked for the last 12 years as a registered surveyor in the greater Auckland area servicing the land development community. I am a director and shareholder of RPC Land Surveyors and responsible for managing the Auckland office. My primary role is to provide both existing and potential clients with development advise and overseeing current developments.

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Articles By Andre Conradie

Conversion of Cross Lease Title to Fee Simple Title

By: Andre Conradie - RPC Land Surveyors | 2013 October 29

Background: Cross Lease and Fee Simple Titles

Cross leases were a popular form of “subdivision” going as far back as the late 1960’s. In the earlier cross leases there was often no distinction made between common areas and exclusive covenant areas.

Drainage was generally combined and kerb discharge for stormwater was common practice. This cost effective form of service provision ensured the continued popularity of cross lease developments amongst property developers.

With the introduction of the Resource Management Act and resultant district plans, Councils started to impose more rigorous controls on cross lease developments. In some instances reserve contributions were being charged.

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Development Contributions

By: Andre Conradie - RPC Land Surveyors | 2013 October 2

Development Contributions News For New Zealand

There was some good news for developers and home owners building new houses in Tauranga City when Council announced in February 2012 that they were reducing subdivision contributions by up to 40% and development contributions when building a new home by 40%.

Auckland Council has also recently released a draft financial contribution policy for comment. It is proposed to implement the new policy on 1 July 2012.

The aim of this new policy is to introduce a uniform contribution region wide. Currently contributions are still being charged in terms of the policies of the former Councils

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Property Limited Titles

By: Andre Conradie - RPC Land Surveyors | 2013 September 17

What You Need To Know About NZ Property Limited Titles



Some titles have the wording “Limited as to Parcels” appearing underneath the title heading. This does not mean that the title is defective. It does mean that the area and boundaries of the land are not guaranteed.

It was not always a requirement that land had to be surveyed as part of the subdivision process. Although not common, this practice was still used as late as the 1960’s before legislation made it compulsory that all subdivisions had to be surveyed.


What does it mean in practical terms to the land owner or

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