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Property Investment Tips

By: Hadar Orkibi | 2016 May 7

This is my 20c worth of Tips: 1. Traders Hot Tip: Have good relationship with the professional on your team: you’re Solicitor, Accountant, Mortgage broker and Valuer especially. Also it is important to have good relationship with a good property [...]

Its is noticeable to anyone who is active in the Auckland property market that the median house price is getting closer and closer to One Million Dollar. Now days a 2 bedroom unit in Central Auckland are selling upwards of [...]

New Zealand Rental Property Market, Why Is It So Attractive? If you are considering New Zealand investment property, you are in good company. Many savvy investors are heading to this country today to capitalize on a capital growth and some [...]

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The Experts in new Zealand Property Investment

By: Hadar Orkibi | 2016 February 21

Seek Expert Advice When Investing in NZ Real Estate If you are interested in New Zealand property investment, you need a property finder. Finding New Zealand house for sale might not seem like a big deal when you see many [...]

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Real Estate Investment News To Insure You Ahead Of The Pack.   New Zealand property investors are wise to keep up on real estate investment news before investing in property. The Property market is a constantly evolving market that is [...]

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Solicitors approval clauses

By: Milke Toepfer Aspiring Law | 2015 November 2

Solicitors approval clauses. Introduction: Solicitors approval clauses are often included in agreements for sale and purchase when they need to be signed in a hurry and one party’s lawyer is not available to talk to them first. Many people mistakenly [...]

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Property Valuation Services – Who To Use?

By: Hadar Orkibi | 2015 November 1

Obtaining The Service of a Registered Property Valuer – Good Call   There are many reasons why you might need property valuation services in New Zealand. Whether you are buying or selling property, property valuations are essential to ensure the [...]

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Property Investment Education & Advice – Learn Form Experience   A new property investor in New Zealand is at a serious disadvantage, particularly property investors who don’t even live in the country. If you are just getting into the property [...]

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Home and Income Can you borrow against the rental only

By: Thorne Accounting | 2015 August 13

Home and Income Can you borrow against the rental only? If you borrow funds to purchase a rental property, the interest on those funds will be tax deductible as the funds have been used to purchase an income earning asset. [...]

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Commercial Perspective

By: admin | 2015 August 13

As we move through the winter of 2011, there is clear evidence that we have experienced the bottom of the cycle as far as commercial property is concerned. Research from CBRE shows that 2012 will see an economic rebound based [...]

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Getting Help With Finding Investment Property   When you are on the hunt for investment property in New Zealand, the professionals you choose to work with will make a big difference in the success of your venture. From the property [...]

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While landlords are spending more and more time and money insulating and providing heatpumps and other forms of heating, tenants seem to complain more about condensation and mould. There are usually tell tale signs when you take a look at [...]

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Do not Waste Your Money

By: Maintain To Profit | 2015 June 8

It seems we spend more time talking to landlords about how not to spend their money than we do telling them to spend it sometimes. When your renovating an investment property there are 2 key rules the first being the [...]

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Property Investment Education – How About Property Mentors? If you want to begin property investing in New Zealand, a Property Mentor is essential. These professionals work strictly with and for the Investor to help them identify and set-up a wealth [...]

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How To Get The Best Property Deals In Auckland? When you decide to make an Auckland property investment, you want to use your money as wisely as possible. This means finding a New Zealand property investment that will bring you [...]

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The basic facts about easements

By: Milke Toepfer Aspiring Law | 2015 April 22

When buying a property, you may be told that there is an easement registered against the title. An easement is created when a land owner grants another land owner or someone else, such as a services company, the right to [...]

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In the past, there have been some taxpayers that would sell a property between associated companies and avoid paying the GST. The way this worked was the purchaser company would claim the GST but the vendor company would go into [...]

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My tenant wants out of a fixed term tenancy what now

By: Mana Property Management | 2015 April 11

My tenant wants out of a fixed term tenancy – what now? Being an efficient landlord, you have secured the perfect tenants who have signed up until next summer. The maintenance is all up to date and you can relax [...]

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Each year in New Zealand thousands of electrical and whiteware appliances expire their useful working life and need to be replaced. This creates the large problem of what to do with all these items. The options of disposal include hiring [...]

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Hot tips for marketing a property

By: House Dresser | 2015 January 25

Before you market your property there are some vital points to consider which will effect the outcome of a successful sale. 1. For first impressions- make sure you tidy up the entrance & garden area. 2. Attend to any maintainence [...]

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New Zealand Property Development Is Not For The Faint Hearted Real estate development is a good investment for many today, whether it is residential property development or commercial property development. However, successful property development and investment doesn’t come naturally to [...]

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Moving Forward

By: Investor Homes | 2015 January 21

Building a new home may seem irrational after the gut-wrenching earthquake in Christchurch that rocked New Zealand and turned everyday life on its head. In Canterbury, a devastating loss of life was played out amid a shattering of homes, houses [...]

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Contemporaneous Settlements and Lenders

By: Squirrel | 2015 January 20

This is where one buyer (a Trader) gets property under contract and then on sells it. On the day of settlement the property contemporaneously settles so the Trader doesn’t need to draw on their own funding. Lenders are cautious of [...]

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Is the cost of Insurance a necessary Evil

By: Mana Property Management | 2015 January 10

Many property related expenses are increasing to the extent that investors are questioning whether property investing, in times of minimal capital gains, is really a viable option. Take insurance. Comparing our policies in the last 7 years with an excellent [...]

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Lessons from Christchurch

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2015 January 8

It’s a bad storm that has no silver lining and the Christchurch earthquake is no exception. Quite apart from the sudden and unprecedented demand for space outside of the CBD to replace the affected buildings, commercial owners elsewhere are learning [...]

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Is renovating property still a good strategy

By: Maintain To Profit | 2015 January 5

I recently came across one of the worst houses I have ever seen which due to the death of the tenant was up for sale. Having made an unconditional offer I felt confident that the vendor would accept my offer [...]

Buying in the USA Property market

By: admin | 2014 December 2

I Personally started in 2008 researching the US market seeking greater Cashflow than the NZ Market can offer; As a starting point I would recommend anyone who considers buying in the States to learn the lingo and cost involved with [...]

The Know-How About Investment Property In New Zealand   Many people are discovering extra income by property investing in New Zealand today. However, investing in property isn’t simply finding a piece of real estate for sale and snatching it up. [...]

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Your 5 Must dos for winter maintenance.

By: Maintain To Profit | 2014 November 30

Roofs Every year you should check your roof, chimneys and flashings (waterproofing strips that protect vulnerable areas) making sure problems are not developing. Things to look for include flashings that have corroded or lifted, and crumbling chimney mortar. Overhanging branches [...]

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Is your property manager working for you

By: Mana Property Management | 2014 October 5

There are some excellent property managers out there and the best ones seem to be able to put their clients first while successfully running their own business. Is your property manager working for you or themselves? This is a quick [...]

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Property Investment Forums – All You Need To Know If you are heading into the New Zealand property investment game, you may join a few property investment forums to learn the tricks of the trade. The people on these forums [...]

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We’ve just had a tenant buyer exercise their Option to Purchase and buy their home from us. It feels good to know that we have helped this family gain their own home and man are they excited. We bought the [...]

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Why Invest in Commercial Property

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2014 September 2

I am frequently asked “Why should people invest in commercial property as opposed to residential?” After all, most people understand the nature of residential property as they either own their own home or are renting. It is easier to find [...]

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N.Z Capital City Offer Good Returns For Property Investors   If you are on the hunt for New Zealand investment property, Wellington is one of the best places to look. Wellington properties offer a stable investment, since the capital city [...]

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Coastal, Lake Or River Front Properties Is The Kiwi Lifestyle   Finding waterfront property for sale in New Zealand isn’t difficult, but finding commercial property that will make a good investment complicates the process. Many are looking to invest in [...]

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Price and Value in Property Management

By: Richard Gardner - Allways Property Management | 2014 July 2

Warning: If you don’t care about return on investment or about money, then you will have no interest in this.   During an evaluation between different property management options, you may wonder why the difference in price between various companies [...]

What you need to know about NZ Commercial property before you buy!   Commercial property in New Zealand has become a popular choice for local and international investors today. The right property investment can offer rental income as well as [...]

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NZ What a great place to live.

By: Property InDepth - Rene McLean | 2014 June 17

Basking in the midday sun today I couldn’t help wondering how the population in the UK was enjoying their summer today with only marginally higher temperatures, colder water and rain. Perhaps that’s what Brisbanites think of us in the winter [...]

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USA Invest close to universities

By: admin | 2014 June 8

Wye investing close to students can be lucrative For many, the idea of investing has come to fruition over the past few years on the back of the economic downturn. Prices that were are now up to 60% lower meaning [...]

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Deck collapses 9 Hurt Are your rental properties safe

By: Maintain To Profit | 2014 June 6

I watched the news in horror as 9 people were injured  were staying at a holiday let in Omaha just north of Auckland. The owner was quick to point out she had had a builder look over the decks in [...]

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Rental Properties Manawatu, Palmerston North

By: Richard Gardner - Allways Property Management | 2014 May 22

Manawatu is a great place to live, work, play and invest in residential property. According to the 2013, census, in Palmerston North there is just less than 8,000 rental properties occupied and are either privately owned, in a Trust or [...]

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Should I pay off my mortgage before I start investing? This is a highly debated topic in the financial community, with some people for the idea and others against it. I personally think it depends. That’s not an overly helpful [...]

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Building inspection – what you need to know   When you get into the property investment game, you find yourself working with building inspectors on a somewhat regular basis. A pre-purchase building inspection is essential to ensure the property you [...]

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Introducing Pacific Property Fund Limited

By: Property Managers Ltd | 2014 May 6

A new, unlisted commercial property fund, Pacific Property Fund (Pacific Property, has just been launched, offering investors the opportunity to invest in a brand new industrial building on Truman Lane in Mount Maunganui that is newly built generic warehouse [...]

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Look Through Companies for Non Residents

By: Thorne Accounting | 2014 April 29

Not just any NZ company can be a look-through company (LTC). And it can be rather detrimental to your tax situation if your company no longer meets the requirements as losses can be trapped within the company and a liquidation [...]

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Cash Flow Property Investment 101   Investors who buy houses in New Zealand must consider a number of factors when buying houses for investment purposes. While some are strictly in the overseas property game to diversify their portfolios, others want [...]

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Smart Investment rules – 4 Ways to start   You want to be a smart investor, but you have never invested in property before. You have certainly never purchased property overseas or research the rental property business in sufficient detail. [...]

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Boundaries Limitation as to parcels fencing and the law

By: Anne Needham: Urban Legal | 2014 April 10

BOUNDARIES, LIMITATION AS TO PARCELS – FENCING AND THE LAW BOUNDARIES: When purchasing a property the location of any fences or hedges on the property are not necessarily the legal boundary. In addition, under the standard Law Society Agreement for [...]

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Repairs vs Assets

By: Thorne Accounting | 2014 April 4

Repairs vs Assets The costs of any repairs carried out on a property are deductible unless is it ‘of a capital nature’. Costs of a capital nature generally refer to improvements and are not deductible. Instead, improvement costs are added [...]

What would this rent for

By: Mana Property Management | 2014 March 27

WHAT WILL THIS PROPERTY RENT FOR? Gone are the days that owner occupied properties are at one end of the quality scale and rental properties are at the other. A standard property today would include a heat-pump or wood burner, [...]

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